She Wants Us To Watch What We Put In Our Bodies?

While I sympathize with her message, perhaps a woman who could convince her own husband to stop drawing on those Marlboro Lights would have more credibility on this issue?

I’ll take a couple of Chalupas any day over a pack of Lucky Strikes!

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3 Responses to She Wants Us To Watch What We Put In Our Bodies?

  1. Michael J Flint says:

    More of the PC … Do as I say marching orders from our current administration …Too bad she could not have followed in the footsteps of Laura Bush and continued with education.We will now end up with a country full of skinny stupid people!

  2. Jim Britt says:

    Educating people about the crap they eat would be a nice combo. Perhaps the first lady and the old first lady could work together on that. However, since Bush made scant improvement to education why bother? Terry, I think those chalupas would be just as bad as the cigs, and your farts nearly as annoying as the smoke, though not as deadly.

  3. Terry Cowgill says:

    Jim, good point. But I don't know about the "not-as-deadly" part!

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