Watch What He Does, Not What He Says

I was trying to find a diversion from the dramatic news in Egypt when I noticed this piece in today’s Washington Times on one of the biggest phonies on the planet. Reading about what a hypocrite Michael Moore is begs the question: should I be allowed to have this much fun?

It’s curious. I have friends on the left who think Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite because he’s a family-values guy who also happens to be a drug addict and was married four times. They’re right about Rush. He’s a major-league charlatan. But for some reason, those same people can’t see through Michael Moore. They fail to grasp the irony of a man who denounces capitalism at every available opportunity, while profiting handsomely from it.

From the WT:

Mr. Moore is a jet-setting multimillionaire living a life of luxury, leisure and fame. He travels in a private plane and a fleet of SUVs … He also dislikes using union workers on his sets – or paying them union wages … He is completely detached from the workers he claims to defend.

and this:

He claims that white flight from the cities to the suburbs is based on fear of blacks … Yet … he does not live in an interracial neighborhood. Instead, he has made his home at a swanky mansion in Central Lake, in an upscale, exclusive and overwhelmingly white community in northern Michigan.

Ironically, I defended Moore when Republicans in Enfield, Conn., foolishly tried to prevent the public library there from showing Sicko, Moore’s scathing film on the U.S. healthcare system.
Also, there is the irony of a 400-pound man with a private plane lecturing us on over-consumption, but we won’t go there …
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