A Mecca For Moonbats!

In the last several months, the Berkeley City Council has considered resolutions welcoming Gitmo detainees and declaring suspected traitor PFC Bradley Manning a hero. The latter passed (sort of) and the former failed.

Doesn’t Berkeley have any local problems to worry about? More shocking is that Birkenstock City actually has an appointed 15-member Peace and Justice Commission that considers such actions. 
I’m sorry, but Berkeley is a mecca for what Howie Carr would call MOONBATS!
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4 Responses to A Mecca For Moonbats!

  1. Christopher Morley says:

    Leone(My wife from the midwest) always maintains it's obvious that part of the country (Including district 5) suffers from something in their air…Something that gives them the ability to totally lose touch with any chance to live in the real world…A mind altering state…Lost in 1968?

  2. John Pollard says:

    My home state, the land of nuts and fruits…

  3. Terrence McCarthy says:

    Our nephew, Sam, is a grad student at Berkeley. It's probably a more diverse population than someone like Howie Carr would like to think. What's Howie thinking about today? I just went to your link to his site. Among the big news items he highlights:* Ugandan president to produce a rap CD* Dog tosses pot filled sock from car* Vets work on bear with sore tooth* Man losses penis in industrial accidentNot exactly food for thought.

  4. Terry Cowgill says:

    Terrence, I mentioned Howie only because he often uses the word "moonbat." Otherwise this post isn't about him at all. I listen to Howie with some regularity and I've never heard him talk about Berkeley — though I'm sure he has.I'm sure Berkeley isn't all moonbats but any city that devotes that many resources to the commission on social justice and peace is probably not a place that would welcome me with open arms.BTW the conservative equivalent of moonbat is "wing-nut." They're worth a post of their own. To find lots of wing-nuts, just visit Jake in South Carolina. Or look for Janice Kliza on Facebook and read some of the rantings of her friends. Then, if you have anything in common with me, you'll want to slit your wrists. 🙂

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