Cutting Its Way To Prosperity

Update: I’ve been saying for months that eventually the college tuition bubble will burst. Well, it looks like the law school bubble has burst. Can others be far behind?

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Readers of this blog have surely noticed my strong antipathy toward colleges and universities raising their tuition, room and board at twice the rate of inflation over the last 20 years. There is no way they can sustain those levels of increases and expect to secure their long-term survival.

Now one prominent university, Sewanee, has had enough and decided to take action. The University of the South “announced it would cut its $46,000-a-year tuition by 10 percent next year.”

Either university officials have seen the handwriting on the wall, they’re trying to buy good PR or they’ve simply decided to do the right thing (or all three). Any way you cut it, Sewanee is to be congratulated!

P.S. Here’s another story from the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

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2 Responses to Cutting Its Way To Prosperity

  1. Amy says:

    Nice. The University of Rochester just announced they're raising their tuition. Now, tuition + room & board there will cost you over $51,000. Across the pond, Oxford is considering raising its tuition to £9000. When I have kids, they're going to university in Europe, where it's cheaper even when you factor in plane tickets.

  2. Terry Cowgill says:

    Amy, put them on a bus to Canada. Private school education at state school prices — and no plane tickets unless you send them out west.

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