Don’t Trust The Cops To Police Themselves

My latest for Who investigates the police when officers are suspected of wrongdoing? The police, that’s who. Am I alone, or is something wrong with this picture?

Recent developments in Connecticut have served to drive home the point that it’s not fair to citizens (or, for that matter, to the police themselves) to have cops looking into charges of malfeasance in their own ranks.

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4 Responses to Don’t Trust The Cops To Police Themselves

  1. Terrence McCarthy says:

    I agree. I was a cub reporter, working the police beat many moons ago. I have a lot of respect for cops, but when one of them is one of the suspects, the rank and file aren't going to do what needs to be done. I also worked in a hospital. Doctors circle the same kind of wagons.

  2. Doug Richardson says:

    Although I couldn't find it on the CTNewsJunkie site, I totally agree with your premise. It's a paramilitary fraternity that closely guards its own. I wonder: if you ran the names of every state cop through the DMV computer, would you find ANY motor vehicle violations of any kind? Do any of them have any points on their licenses? For that matter, do any of their immediate families?

  3. Terry Cowgill says:

    Doug, click on "My latest" to find the article.

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