NYS Greenies Want To Ban Everything?

The Green Party of New York questions the enviro creds of newly elected Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Fair enough. Maybe he could be doing more. Who knows?

But get this:

On Earth Day, the Green Party of New York called upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ban hydrofracking for natural gas, shut down nuclear power plants and undo a delay on a sales ban on outdoor wood boilers.

Now, if you shut down two of the state’s nuclear power plants, effectively halt new natural gas exploration and outlaw heating by wood boilers (a renewable resource), what exactly is left?
I’m sure even members of the Green Party want their lights to work when they turn them on. How would NYS replace the enormous amounts of electrical power that would be lost if the two nuke plants were shut down? 
Natural gas? Nope, we can’t have that because extraction techniques are too risky and besides, the NYS Green Party wants to ban new construction of gas-powered plants anyway. Large hydroelectric projects? No, they don’t like them either.
They’re big on wind, solar and bio-mass, but those have drawbacks, too. They’re also big on conservation, which I agree should be part of the equation, but the kinds of cuts in consumption they advocate would likely have significant economic consequences.
So what are we left with when all is said and done? A lot of hot air directed at Cuomo, that’s what. As such, it’s hard to take the Green Party seriously. Is it any wonder that they only have seven elected officials, all on the local level, scattered across the state?
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2 Responses to NYS Greenies Want To Ban Everything?

  1. Marshall Miles says:

    Let's ban chili…air pollution.

  2. Terrence McCarthy says:

    We just drove through the middle of Pennsylvania. There are wind turbines all over the place between Scranton and Harrisburg. Three Mile Island is just a few miles from Harrisburg. Wonder if there's any connection.

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