Courts: Shut Up, High School Students!

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Do public high school students have freedom-of-speech rights off-campus? Evidently, the courts don’t think so. And knuckle-headed administrators are let off the hook. Ugh …

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One Response to Courts: Shut Up, High School Students!

  1. Terrence McCarthy says:

    I was on the local board of education beat when I was a reporter. My wife has taught jr. high, high school and college. And I was held hostage for 12 years in the Easthampton, Mass. public school system. So I speak with experience when I say that many, way too many admin people, have been card carry members of a confederacy of dunces. Superintendents and principals being, in my experience, the worst dunces of all. In other words, I'm not surprised by the actions you so eloquently describe. Nice piece.

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