I’d considered blogging on Weiner-gate (Wiener-gate?), but after reading Mark Steyn’s take, I just gave up. Hey, I know I’m not without talents, but I’d love to be half as clever as the estimable Steyn.

If I want serious discussions of policy, then I know where to turn. But if I want someone to make me ROTF at the hacks who run the U.S. government — and have as far back as I can remember — I turn to Steyn. To wit:

Congressmen are among the few in this land who, in such a situation, can breezily say, as Weiner did to CNN’s Dana Bash, “You have statements that my office has put out… .” Herein lies the full horror of American politics in the death throes of the republic: A Congressman has nothing better to do of an evening than Tweet his crotch to coeds, but he requires an “office” with “staffers” to “put out” “statements” on the subject.

 When Weiners have staffers, it’s very difficult to have limited government: You cannot have a small state run by big Weiners. If you require an “office” to issue “statements” about your Tweets, it’s hardly surprising you’re indifferent to statist bloat elsewhere.

Thanks for making me laugh, dude!
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