Donovan Succumbs

I’ve written critically before of state House Speaker Chris Donovan’s refusal to step down from the redistricting panel that will draw the new boundaries of Connecticut’s legislative districts while the speaker is himself running for the Democratic nomination to represent the 5th congressional district in Washington.

Now we learn from that Donovan has stepped down from the Reapportionment Committee after insisting for weeks that he was constitutionally required to sit on it:

Donovan said his Congressional campaign in the 5th District wasn’t getting in the way of the process for him, but by asking Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to appoint Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey to the commission he “avoids any unnecessary questions.”

In other words, now the state constitution doesn’t require the speaker to sit on the commission? Or perhaps Donovan just doesn’t want to answer more questions on the subject from his 5th-district opponents or the media. The former is preposterous but the latter is understandable given his dreadful performance in October on Fox-61’s The Real Story.

At that time, under questioning from Christine Stuart, Donovan was flip and dismissive of any suggestion that he had a conflict of interest. He just looked like an arrogant politician who resented being held accountable for his actions, which is one of the many reasons I would have trouble voting for him.

Nevertheless, Donovan has done the right thing — although probably for the wrong reason. Kudos, I guess.

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  1. Doug Hardy says:

    Sounds like he took part in the process as far as he could without a conflict of interest. He would have been better served, politically speaking, by saying so ahead of time and deflating his critics.

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