CT Essential Politics – Tuesday 02.28.12

Op-ed, Analysis and Blogs

Malloy Looking For Help In D.C. – Charles J. Lewis, CT Post
How To Grow Revenues Without Raising Taxes
 – C. Stuart, CTNJ
Restaurant Owners In Uproar Over Minimum Wage – Courant
Malloy Revises Liquor Sales Plan – Hugh McQuaid, CTNJ
To Keep Ed Focus, Malloy Compromises On Liquor – CT Mirror
Uncork Ban On Sunday Sales – Stan Sorkin, Courant
Package Store Lobby Open To Sundays? – C. Keating, Courant

Do Teachers Really Support ConnCAN?
 – Jon Pelto, Wait What?
A View Of Ed Reform From The Classroom – N. Missakian, CTNJ
Donovan Goes Negative On Esty?
 – B. Lockhart, Hearst
Wilson Foley Blasts Roraback On D.P. – Rick Green, Courant
Andrew Roraback’s Paper Trail – Mark Paziokas, CT Mirror
‘All Lawmakers Should Visit Death Row’ – Hanging Shad
Death Penalty Commutation – Don Pesci, Red Notes
Ticketmaster Chief Nabbed For Hate Speech – Daily Ructions
Malloy’s Lesson In Picking Biz Partners – C. McEnroe, Courant
Donovan Doesn’t Want Ticketmaster $ – B. Lockhart, Hearst
Stolen Vote, Sleeping Court, Busy Governor – Norman Pattis
CT Tea Party Veers Into Social Issues – Hugh McQuaid, CTNJ
On Media Attention: Cuomo Is No Malloy – Dylan Byers, Politico
Cuomo Sticks To New York – Dean Pagani, Governors Journal


Traffic Stop Data Show Troubling Racial Pattern – Courant
School Consolidation Is The Right Idea – The Day
State Drugs At What Cost? – Bristol Press
Keep Debt Burden Off Of Graduates – Norwich Bulletin

Video of the Day

MSNBC’s NewsNation: Gov. Malloy appeared on the cable news channel yesterday to discuss President Obama’s call for increased education spending.

If you’re having trouble viewing the above video, click on the link below:


Face The State: Host Dennis House interviews Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Lee Whitnum, who came out swinging against opponents Chris Murphy and Susan Bysiewicz..

If you’re having trouble viewing the above video, click on the link below:


Sunday Talk Show Line-up
Duby McDowell – The Laurel

This Week on Where We Live
John Dankosky – WNPR

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