CT Essential Politics – Friday 03.02.12

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Deficit Roulette: How Large Is It? – Christine Stuart, CTNJ
Lembo’s Bottom Line A Different Color – K. Phaneuf, CT Mirror
In Tour, Malloy Tackles Tenure, Bridgeport Takeover – CTNJ
Malloy Feeds On Confrontation At Ed Forum – M. Paz, CT Mirror
A Personal Take On Tenure – Terry Cowgill, CT Devils Advocate
Court Ruling: Hey, It’s Only the Law – J. Pelto, Wait What?
Mob Mentality Gets To TicketNetwork – Dan Haar, Courant
On Lawmakers And Bridgeport’s Little People – Norman Pattis
Legislators Have Right To Review Case – Hanging Shad
CT Has Become Venezuela – L. Grimaldi, Only In Bridgeport

CDC: Sunday Sales Increase Consumption – W. Weir, Courant
Courant Gets Played By Liquor Lobby – Carpet City Chronicle
Murphy Wants Contraception Hearings – Rick Green, Courant
Senate Candidates Use Contraception To Raise $ – CT Mirror
ACLU Wants Probe Of NYPD Spying On CT Muslims – N.H. Reg.


Pleading And Bleating At The Capitol – Republican American
Governor Should Reject Bad FOI Address Fix – Courant
Keep Posturing Out Of Death Penalty Debate – Norwich Bulletin

Video of the Day

WTNH-News8: Local residents say when the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the state takeover of Bridgeport’s schools was illegal, they felt as if their rights had been restored.

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Face The State: Flashback >> The Al Terzi Era.

If you’re having trouble viewing the above video, click on the link below:


Sunday Talk Show Line-up
Duby McDowell – The Laurel

This Week on Where We Live
John Dankosky – WNPR

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