Mea Culpa

In a recent blog post and letter to the editor of The Lakeville Journal, I stated that the new Region 1 administrators’ contracts have “already been signed and ratified.” That statement is incorrect. By a vote of 4-2, the general terms of the new contracts were approved by the Board of Education in March on unanimous recommendation from the All Boards Chairs Committee, but the contracts themselves have not been signed.

For that, I owe my readers an apology. I wrote both of those pieces in anger and if there’s one thing I should have learned, it’s that when you write in anger, accuracy is one of the first casualties. My normal allegiance to the facts gave way to a desire to make a point. And I repeated something I had heard without confirming it. Shame on me.

But as much as I regret it, the error does not change my take on the situation at Region 1. I still see the possibility of litigation if the board decides to void the agreement in an effort to get the budget passed. There are consequences to backing out of an agreed-upon deal, even if it’s only been solidified with a handshake.

And of the taxpayers who rejected the budget, a substantial faction won’t be satisfied until there’s blood on the floor and the top brass are gone. That’s a tragedy for our school district and for Housatonic Valley Regional High School, which is just regaining its footing after the abrupt departure of its two top administrators right before the opening of school in 2010.

If I were a religious man, I’d pray for my school district. Oh, and I’m not angry anymore — just sad.

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