Bored, Are We?

Looks to me like public radio maven Marshall Miles is bored out of his skull, now that he can’t complain about administrative contracts at Region One and urge his followers to vote against the budget.

You’d think he would move on to the topic du jour. But the recent case of HVRHS guidance counselor Stephen Hurley is far too complicated for Miles to comment on, since it would entail lots of research on education and employment law and probably bore his listeners to death in the process. Besides, he can’t find a neat way to blame Hurley’s plight on Patricia Chamberlain and Diane Goncalves.

So now in a recent post, he has linked to a story in today’s Register Citizen on taxpayers in Winsted complaining about administrator salaries. Then he makes this inane comment directed at me:

So, it’s not just Region One residents that are concerned about administrative salaries as one particular BLOGGER has indicated in his rantings! And imagine…it’s in the district where he works…and claims to know so much about!  Just more proof how out of touch he is with the communities that he lives in and the communities that surround him..

I attempted to post a comment in response but, as is his habit, Miles deleted it. The bloated leviathan of the Northwest Corner airwaves proudly proclaims his support of the First Amendment, but he goes soft on free speech when confronted with his own idiocy. For what it’s worth, here’s my response:

I dare you to post this.
First of all, I never said “just Region One residents … are concerned about administrative salaries.” Looks like you just made that one up.
Secondly, if you read the RC article — and today’s piece in the Rep-Am by Kurt Moffett — taxpayers in Winsted are concerned about administrative bloat, not the process that led to the extension of contracts. They think the salaries are too high, there are too many admins and they are concerned about the bottom line.
Conversely, you and your followers have always insisted the Region 1 budget was not about money but about the process that resulted in the extension of administrator contracts. So you have little in common with the taxpayers in the town of Winchester.
Unlike you, I have a pretty good feel for what’s going on in both districts.

Looks like Miles is trying to think of a good topic to keep his hideous Region One Report blog alive, so instead of exhibiting some enterprise, he simply reaches back to the old stand-by: people are upset at those awful school administrators and their compensation packages. Lazy, unresourceful and cowardly.


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