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Taxpayers Will Pay For Malloy’s China Trip – Christine Stuart, CTNJ
New Poll: Malloy One Of Most Unpopular Govs In The U.S. – Courant
Malloy Alienates Both Dems And GOPers – Jon Pelto, Wait, What?
Task Force Dives Into Liquor Abyss – Hugh McQuaid, CTNJ
Lawlor The Lawgiver – Don Pesci, Red Notes From A Blue State
McMahon Understands How Business Works – Ted Clark, News Times
Rapoport: FBI’s Donovan Probe Is Suspcious – Jon Lender, Courant
Testy Shays Faces The House – Dennis House, Hartfordite
Roberti Brings In MLK III – Wes Duplantier, Courant
Esty With The ‘Big ‘Mo’ – Patrick Scully, Hanging Shad
GOPers Struggle To Define Themselves In CT05 Debate – CT Mirror
What Is Roberti Hiding? – My Left Nutmeg
Repealing Obamacare Not The Answer – Keila Torres Ocasio, Hearst
CT Dems Shaken Down For Cash In DC – Ana Radelat, CT Mirror


Endorsements – Courant

State Officials Should Stay Off Picket Lines – Register Citizen
Congress Must Act On Post Office – Norwich Bulletin
Start The Inquiry: How Far Did Influence Buying Go? – Courant

Video, Audio Feeds

Face The State: Part 1 >> Donovan Campaign Corruption Probe >> Guest: Kevin Rennie, Political Columnist. Face The State: Part 2 >> Gun Control Laws >> Guests: Robert Crook, Coalition of CT Sportsmen and Rob Piniciaro, CT Against Gun Violence. Face The State: Part 3 >> ATV Safety >> Guest: Dr. Brendan Campbell, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
FOX-CT: Commentator Patrick Scully provides analysis of the Donovan scandal. FOX-CT: Voters react to Donovan scandal. FOX-CT: Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart gives his take on gun control.

Sunday Talk Show Line-up
Duby McDowell – The Laurel

This Week on Where We Live
John Dankosky – WNPR

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