Region One Report: No Credit Where It’s Due

Last night, I ran across an amusing post on the hideous Region One Report, the often toxic blog on our local school district run by hot-air radio host Marshall Miles. I would have posted a comment there but Miles has banished me from the Region One Report for daring to challenge him.

The prevailing meme of the poorly written blog is that the administration in the central office is to blame for everything bad that happens in the district. Most recently, Miles has even blamed the office of Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain for the departures this year of several principals in our K-8 schools, even though these same schools are governed by their own boards of education and make their own personnel decisions.

Now in an attempt to be positive, Miles reports on Housatonic Valley Regional High School’s improved performance on the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT). Click on the image at the top to see what he’s talking about. Indeed there has been notable improvement over last year, especially in the area of math, where scores rose almost six percentage points over last year.

“Well done teachers and students,” says Miles. And I concur. But is it not also fair to credit the administration and the Board of Education for the improved scores? After all, if the scores had declined, we all know Miles wouldn’t be blaming the students and faculty. Instead, he would be attacking board and administration policies for the poor scores. Indeed, I would stake my life on it.

Yet more evidence that Miles isn’t interested in the well being of the district, but is singularly focused on hounding the administration and its supporters out of office.

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