CT Essential Politics – Friday 08.31.12

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It’s Official: Donovan Drops Out - Thomas & Phaneuf, CT Mirror
Donovan, WF Party Endorse Esty - Journal Register
Report Finds Income Gap Widening - Hugh McQuaid, CTNJ
Delegates: Abortion Won’t Divide Us - T. MacMillan, New Haven Ind.
State GOP Delegates Love Romney Speech - Ana Radelat, CT Mirror
CT Delegates Wined And Dined - Neil Vigdor, Hearst
Even Off The A-List, State GOP Happy In Tampa - CT Mirror
With Esty, WF Party In A Tight Spot - Al Robinson, My Left Nutmeg
Murphy, McMahon Spar Over Farm Bill - Ken Dixon, Hearst
Occhiogrosso Disses Foley - Neil Vigdor, Hearst
Retro Recap of Aug. 14 Primary: What’s Next? - The King’s View
Dear Pols: Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses - Jon Pelto, Wait, What?
Yale President To Step Down - Tapley Stephenson, Yale Daily News
Palmer Doesn’t Remember Commie Award - Ed Jacovino, JI
A Few Words In Defense Of Sharon Palmer - Rick Green, Courant
CT Losing TV Viewers - Dennis House, Hartfordite
Ds & Rs Take Positions On Internet Freedom - Christine Stuart, CTNJ
Chris Murphy Says He’s Poor (cartoon) - Bob Englehart, Courant

Foley Not Coy About Declaring His Intentions - Stamford Advocate
Armstrong Was An American Hero - Norwich Bulletin
It’s Malloy Who’s ‘Out Of His Mind’ - New Hampshire Union Leader

Video, Audio Feeds

The Real Story: Part 1 >> The West Nile Virus: The state’s Department of Public Health gives tips on how to stay safe. The Real Story: Part 2 >> Challenges for the State’s Democratic Party: Can we keep CT’s Congressional Delegation in the hands of Democrats in wake of the Democratic National Convention? The Real Story: Part 3 >> House Candidate Leo Canty gives his perspective about the Donovan disappointment and Competitive CT races.
Face The State: Part 1 >> Power of the Unions in Wake of Donovan’s Loss >> Guest: John Olsen, AFL-CIO. Face The State: Part 2 >> Impact of the Working Families Party >> Guest: Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of WFP. Face The State: Part 3 >> The Murphy McMahon Senate Race >> Guests: John Droney, Former CT Dem. Chairman and Chris Healy, Former CT Rep. Chairman.

Sunday Talk Show Line-up
Duby McDowell – The Laurel

This Week on Where We Live
John Dankosky – WNPR

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