No One Could Be This Stupid

Update 2: Now Miles has disabled embedding for the video in question. Smart move. Only took him a few days to figure it out. I have embedded another CATV6 video below the old one just to see if it works. It does.

Update: I’ve heard rumblings in town that First Selectmen Curtis Rand’s comments about the Pledge of Allegiance were taken out of context. So I have replaced Mike Flint’s brief clip of the Salisbury Board of Selectmen meeting below with the full version directly from the CATV6 YouTube page. The bit about the pledge starts at about 41:20. You be the judge.

* * * * * *

I’m told that Marshall Miles, the airheaded president of Tri-State Public Communications, has threatened action against a local blogger for posting a portion of a CATV6 YouTube video of a public meeting on his site.

Yes, that’s right. Miles has threatened to take action unless the video is taken down. He seems to be under the illusion that the flimsy disclaimer on the CATV6 YouTube page is legally enforceable even if said YouTube page is accessible to everyone. Can a public-access cable station paid for by Comcast ratepayers own the exclusive rights to a video of a public meeting filmed by said public-access television station at the expense of said ratepayers? The notion sounds preposterous on its face.

If Miles doesn’t want people to post CATV6 videos on websites without his permission, then there is a simple solution: use the drop-down menu on all the CATV6 videos and make them private or unlisted. But that would sort of defeat the point of having a public page, now wouldn’t it?

Is Miles really this ignorant or is he simply eager to harass the blogger? We’ll soon see because I am embedding the same CATV6 video below and inviting Miles to threaten me as well. Make my day!

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