Those Pesky Ticket Splitters And Undecideds

Click here for my latest for CT News Junkie. Remember the old Animal Farm mantra repeated by the animals after the revolution: “Four legs bad, two legs good?”

Well, there are a lot people out there who have the same take on politics: one party is good, the other is bad. If true, it would make voting so much simpler. Just vote the party line without really giving it any thought.

I tackle that good-bad assumption in this week’s piece.

BTW, this op-ed also appeared in the print and online editions of two Journal Register newspapers, the Torrington Register Citizen and the Middletown Press, as a result of an agreement reached with CTNJ. As a result, my role on the CTNJ op-ed team will grow to weekly from every other week. And my audience will no doubt expand as a result of the print exposure.

Many thanks to both Doug Hardy and Christine Stuart of CTNJ and Matt DeRienzo of the JRC for the opportunity.

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