The End For McMahon, Malloy’s Woes And A Roraback Comeback

A couple of CT News Junkie columns for your perusal.

The first is a post mortem on the candidacy of Linda McMahon. It’s a look at the phenomenon of self-funding and why it so often fails:

Why did McMahon fail twice in a row despite emptying her bank account to the tune of more than $90 million? For the same reason many other muscular self-funders crash and burn: she was a flawed candidate. For all the handwringing about rich people buying their offices, the truth is the strategy often fails.

The second is an analysis of Gov. Malloy’s budget woes and how he has boxed himself into a corner during a period of economic decline. And in the second half of the column, I throw in a few paragraphs about the outlook for state Sen. Andrew Roraback should he decide to mount a comeback in two years against Democratic opponent Elizabeth Esty. My conclusion? At this point, I’d say Drew has a good shot:

And if history is any guide, there could be some rough justice in the offing. When Esty first ran in 2008 for her seat in the state House of Representatives, she beat Republican Alfred Adinolfi 51-49 percent. When she ran for re-election two years later, she lost to Adinolfi by the same margin.

Do I see a pattern here?


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