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Pre-Xmas Session To Deal With Budget Woes – Christine Stuart, CTNJ
This Is Not A Deficit, It’s A Shortfall – Jon Pelto, Wait, What?
State Fiscal Crisis Needs Sex Appeal – Colin McEnroe, Courant
Voters Have Spoken: No Corporate Ed Reform – Wendy Lecker, Hearst
Infighting Plagues State Accountability Office – Jon Lender, Courant
States See CT As Weak Competition – Ral Kopan, Politico
State Must Address Widening Income Gap – Susan Bigelow, CTNJ
Free Stuff Can Indeed Buy Votes – Chris Powell, JI
Malloy In California For NGA Executive Retreat – Rick Green, Courant
State Must Cut Spending, Improve Biz Climate – Barry Michelson, Hearst
Latino Clout Growing In CT – Dirk Perrefort, Hearst CT
Why We Need More Joe Liebermans – David Gergen, Courant
Lieberman Floated By Fox As SecDef et al – Patrick Scully, Hanging Shad
Here’s What Farms Also Grow: Jobs – Ken Dixon, Hearst CT
Courant Regrets No Republicans Elected? – Pauline Kezer, Courant
CT Weatherman Begs For His Job Back – Geoff Fox, My Permanent Record
Animal House (cartoon) – Bob Englehart, Courant

Don’t Wait On State Budget Deficit – CT Post
Avoiding The Perils Of Economic Freefall – The Day
In Dealing With Fiscal Cliff, Failure Not An Option – Norwich Bulletin
New NU Should Stay A Player – Courant

Video/Audio Feed

Stan Simpson Show: Stan talks with Courant writers Chris Keating and Rick Green about speculation on Gov. Malloy’s future. Stan Simpson Show: Joseph Kennedy III, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, is emerging in New England politics. Hartford Courant’s Rick Green and Chris Keating join the show to discuss Kennedy and other current politics. Where We Live (audio): Small Business breakfast: Healthcare discussion.
The Real Story: Part 1 >> Connecticut made history on November 6th, electing the first two Latinos to serve in the state Senate. State Senator-elect for the 33rd District (R), Art Linares, is only 24-years-old and started his own business at age 19. The Real Story: Part 2 >> Americas Editor for Reuters Breakingviews and Connecticut native, Rob Cox, talks about Long Island’s power problems and how the power companies compare to those in Connecticut. Colin McEnroe Show (audio) Twinkies go bye-bye.



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