Time To Give It A Rest

About CTEssentialPolitics.com

It’s time for me to take break from the daily grind of producing CTEssentialPolitics.

I have enjoyed producing Connecticut’s first RealClearPolitics-style aggregation service for political news and video. But at this point, I’d have to conclude that either the audience isn’t there or I’d have to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign that I cannot justify, given the likelihood of only marginally better returns than I have now.

Furthermore, the burden of producing a new page every morning while holding down a day job was beginning to wear on me after a full year, leaving little time for actual blogging.

Plus, I now write a paid weekly op-ed column for CT News Junkie and the Journal Register’s Connecticut newspapers, which is twice my biweekly output when I started CTEP. Finally, I have a very enjoyable weekly radio appearance (Fridays at 4 p.m.) with my friend Dan Lovallo on WAPJ.

I’d like to thank the small audience I did have for returning to CTEP regularly. I’m told by insiders and regulars that viewing it was an indispensable part of their day. I regret not being able to provide that service any longer.

And I’d also like to thank Doug Hardy and Lon Seidman of IMN for their technical support and encouragement. CTDA will continue to be part of the IMN family.

On the bright side, not having to crank out a new page five days a week will leave more time for actual blogging on CTDevilsAdvocate.com, the main portion of my website. My goal is to post something on CTDA every couple days, whether it’s a shorty on a topical issue of national interest or a longer piece on Connecticut politics.

Thanks again. And the archives for the 12 months of CTEP that were produced will remain here and are fully searchable by keyword(s).
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