Region One Budget Fails For 5th Time

My reaction to Region One’s fifth budget defeat in a row can be summed up in one tweet:

I am officially no longer interested. My kids are getting a good education and the political agitators continue to press for a pound of flesh. If those folks insist on spending thousands of dollars — none of which will go toward education — on monthly referenda, then so be. I have better things to think about.

P.S. The Region One Report blog is hyperventilating that the Central Office misreported the above results. Evidently, the Sharon yes votes should have read 82 instead of 28.

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3 Responses to Region One Budget Fails For 5th Time

  1. ctdevilsadvocate says:

    Agitator-in-Chief Marshall Miles is claiming my facts are “wrong” here. Well, actually regionwide referenda do cost in the neighborhood of $8k. Miles is essentially claiming they don’t cost anything because over the course of the five failed votes, the proposed spending package has been reduced by more than the cost of the referenda.

    So what in my tweet is “wrong?” Nothing at all.

    All along, Miles has said these no-votes are not about the money (and I totally agree with him on that), and now he says we should be thanking him for saving us money? Which is it?

    There is a nice comment by my former math teacher Ed Epstein defending my math skills, if not my political judgement. Another reason to respect Ed. He can disagree without being disagreeable. Thanks Ed. You were easily the best math teacher I ever had.

  2. Doug Hardy says:

    This Miles guy is suggesting that because the budget is being reduced, no money was actually spent on the referenda? I guess we’re just supposed to think it’s magic. Or maybe he thinks those people who work at the polls be giving back those wages…

    • ctdevilsadvocate says:

      Yes, that’s what he is saying Doug. It’s an embarrassing distortion on his part. Miles would have benefitted from having Ed Epstein for Algebra 1. And he could use a writing coach as well.

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