Region One Math Lessons

math lessonsA quick note of amusement: My wife, who is slightly better at math than I am, pointed out an obvious flaw in Marshall Miles’ dimwitted assertion that the repeated rejections of the Region One budget have saved the district money, even factoring in the cost of all those districtwide referenda.

In an embarrassingly inept post this morning, Miles argued that my figures in a previous post are wrong because the $40,000 that has been spent so far on the five failed referenda has been dwarfed by the $250,000 in cumulative cuts the Board of Education has made to its proposed budgets since the first rejection. So he has saved us money and deserves thanks.

But as of today (and for the foreseeable future), we are still operating on last year’s budget — not the budget that was rejected yesterday. So where are the savings? And where is the money coming from to pay for the five referenda? Does the Region One BOE have $40,000 sitting around in a line item for budget votes? I don’t think so.

Next time you want to do the math, find someone who had Ed Epstein as a teacher in middle school. I went to a fancy prep school after KCS and I can tell you that Ed, who graciously defended me in Miles’ hideous post, was the best math teacher I ever had — bar none.

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