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Cowgill and Lovallo On Newtown and the 2nd Amendment

Dangerous Dan Lovallo and I discuss the issues of the day Dec. 21 on WAPJ.

Blumey To The Rescue

What would we do without Dick Blumenthal? Just when we thought we’d gotten rid of him — banished from Hartford and consigned to the polished halls of the U.S. Capitol — Blumenthal reminds us why his camera-mugging tenure as the state’s attorney general was so profoundly irritating. In the state of Connecticut, where they almostRead More

The Curious Case of the Ministerial Exception

I’m a longtime layman-observer of the Supreme Court of the United States. There’s nothing that gets the intellectual juices flowing for me like a compelling case before the high court. The latest source of fascination is last week’s unanimous decision that a teacher in a church-run school could not sue her employer for discrimination under the ADA.Read More

Let Capital Punishment Die

I’m saddened that it takes a death sentence to make us think about government-sponsored dying. But, as you might expect, the recent sentencing to death of the Cheshire home-invasion monster Joshua Komisarjevsky has prompted a spate of well-deserved hand-wringing over the paradox of a blue state engaging in culturally conservative behavior. I was born andRead More

Courts: Shut Up, High School Students!

My latest for Do public high school students have freedom-of-speech rights off-campus? Evidently, the courts don’t think so. And knuckle-headed administrators are let off the hook. Ugh …

Have a Very Columbia Christmas!

Lee Bollinger This story makes me sick to my stomach. Really. I nearly lost my Cuban sandwich while reading about this over lunch today. First we had the case of Kelo vs. New London  — an egregious abuse of the concept of eminent domain in which the Supreme Court of the United States said it wasRead More

Scan Or Pat Down?

Can someone please answer this question for me? What is the big deal about the recent security measures taken by TSA in the nation’s airports? I understand that some people don’t want to submit themselves to a pat-down of their private parts. Frankly, I’m not sure I’d want that either. For us friskophobes, there’s alwaysRead More

No Earthly Objection

It has come to my attention that Google Earth — the now ubiquitous tool for mapping and geographic information — is being used in ways that are troublesome to civil liberties advocates. Facing a fiscal crisis so profound that even ours pales in comparison, the nation of Greece, where cheating on taxes is the orderRead More