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It’s Going To Be A Long Night

No, the primaries aren’t necessarily going to be squeakers. But I will be laboring long into the night regardless of the outcomes. First, I’m going to Falls Village to report primary results for the Associated Press. After filing the results by phone, waiting for the head moderator’s return and faxing it in to AP inRead More

CT05 Snoozer Perks Up At The End

The 75 or so campaign staffers and media types who crowded into the Oliver Wolcott Library community room could be forgiven for falling asleep for the first 45 minutes of the hour-long debate late Saturday morning. After all, the League of Women Voters has a habit of imposing strict ground rules that inhibit interaction betweenRead MoreRead More

Stickin’ With Chris Donovan

No, the headline doesn’t echo my sentiments because I’ve been a Donovan critic all along. But the faithful in the left wing of the Democratic Party is standing by its man. Even after the recent arrest of Josh Nassi, one of Donovan’s closest aides, union bosses and liberal activists continue to insist that nothing uncoveredRead MoreRead More

The Donovan Disaster

It’s difficult to know where to begin in assessing the news that late last week the FBI arrested and charged a senior Chris Donovan congressional campaign official with trying to conceal the identity of donors. In part, that’s because the tentacles of the case are spreading almost daily. But it’s also because Donovan himself isn’tRead MoreRead More

Donovan: Open Mouth, Insert The Union Label

There’s an old quote about keeping quiet and being thought the fool rather than opening one’s mouth and removing all doubt. For Democrats in Connecticut’s 5th congressional district who want to keep that seat out of Republican hands, Chris Donovan is the walking, talking embodiment of Shelley’s maxim. Since announcing his run for Congress lastRead More

Tone Deaf Or Ignorant?

Update: Here is Jordan’s post that includes reader responses, including yours truly’s. * * * * * I recently spotted an item on Jordan Fenster’s fine blog, CT State Politics, noting that he’d received a campaign letter from front-running Democrat Chris Donovan, the current state House Speaker vying to be the Democratic nominee for Connecticut’sRead More

Donovan Succumbs

I’ve written critically before of state House Speaker Chris Donovan’s refusal to step down from the redistricting panel that will draw the new boundaries of Connecticut’s legislative districts while the speaker is himself running for the Democratic nomination to represent the 5th congressional district in Washington. Now we learn from that Donovan has steppedRead More


I’d considered blogging on Weiner-gate (Wiener-gate?), but after reading Mark Steyn’s take, I just gave up. Hey, I know I’m not without talents, but I’d love to be half as clever as the estimable Steyn. If I want serious discussions of policy, then I know where to turn. But if I want someone to make meRead More


This is classic Washington. Today, President Obama wisely — and bravely, considering the favors he owes public-sector unions — proposed a two-year federal employee pay freeze. Strangely, military personnel are exempted. How will we ever get spending under control if there are sacred cows? First time in a while that I’ve agreed with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer,Read More

Get Rid of Public Education?

David Harmer You’ve got to give this guy credit. He is nothing if not consistent. A small-government, libertarian-leaning, Tea Party-endorsed candidate for Congress in California is on-record as having called for the abolition of public education. And the campaign of David Harmer (aptly named, some would say) did not respond to a question from MotherRead More