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A Lawsuit In Newtown? Say It Ain’t So!

Update: Attorney General George Jepsen badmouths the possibility of a lawsuit, as Pinsky withdraws it — at least for time being. Update: Pinsky tells the New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass that he has received about 50 death threats. Update: A clarifying piece by attorney Ryan McKeen on the mechanics of a potential Sandy Hook lawsuit. * *Read More

CTDA On The Air

Just got an email from a producer for WTIC-1080. I’m told ex-Gov. John Rowland would like to interview me tomorrow about my most recent op-ed for CT News Junkie: Blame It On Malloy: How The GOP Can Win In CT. The segment can be streamed live on the station’s website and should air between 4 – 4:30 p.m.Read More

Linda Gets Smacked

Another great takedown today of Linda McMahon by Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer. McMahon has always been a world-class phoney, as embodied by her career in sleaze and smut. But her campaign against “career politicians” is especially offensive. Turns out that even as she rails against lifetime pols like the recently vanquished Chris Shays and —Read More

It’s Going To Be A Long Night

No, the primaries aren’t necessarily going to be squeakers. But I will be laboring long into the night regardless of the outcomes. First, I’m going to Falls Village to report primary results for the Associated Press. After filing the results by phone, waiting for the head moderator’s return and faxing it in to AP inRead More

CT05 Snoozer Perks Up At The End

The 75 or so campaign staffers and media types who crowded into the Oliver Wolcott Library community room could be forgiven for falling asleep for the first 45 minutes of the hour-long debate late Saturday morning. After all, the League of Women Voters has a habit of imposing strict ground rules that inhibit interaction betweenRead MoreRead More

Stickin’ With Chris Donovan

No, the headline doesn’t echo my sentiments because I’ve been a Donovan critic all along. But the faithful in the left wing of the Democratic Party is standing by its man. Even after the recent arrest of Josh Nassi, one of Donovan’s closest aides, union bosses and liberal activists continue to insist that nothing uncoveredRead MoreRead More

Tables Are Turned In New Canaan Media Scandal

Is there anything more fun to watch than when media outlets themselves become the focus of scandalous news stories? Such is the case down in Fairfield County, where a now-fired reporter at the New Canaan News was found to have fabricated sources and quotes in at least 25 articles over the last 18 months.Read More

The Donovan Disaster

It’s difficult to know where to begin in assessing the news that late last week the FBI arrested and charged a senior Chris Donovan congressional campaign official with trying to conceal the identity of donors. In part, that’s because the tentacles of the case are spreading almost daily. But it’s also because Donovan himself isn’tRead MoreRead More

Powell Right In The Kisser

In the face of persistent ridicule from his wife, Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden was known to bluster, “One of these days, Alice. Pow! Right In The Kisser!” Of course, the gentle bus driver had no intention of making good on his threat, but he went on record as objecting in the strongest terms. And weRead MoreRead More

Suds This Sunday?

For the first time since anyone can remember, this Sunday Connecticut residents won’t have to travel out of state to pick up a bottle of booze or a six-pack of beer. The silly law that prohibited Sunday sales of alcohol on-site was repealed by the General Assembly in the recently completed session. Hallelujah! I’m inRead More