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Off With Their Heads

Politicians are all over the CT power outage story. And you’d expect them to be. After all, they know how to stoke the justified anger of their constituents. Not only are Sen. Dick Blumenthal and CT Attorney General George Jepsen threatening to investigate CL&P for its lousy response to the freakish October snowstorm damage, butRead More

CL[A]P Trap

Is it possible for a major U.S. corporation to have a worse couple of months than Northeast Utilities, parent company of — I can’t even say the words — Connecticut Light & Power? First they get hit by Hurricane Irene at the end of August, causing enormous damage to the grid, prolonged power outages and intenseRead More

Can Roraback Save Us From Donovan?

Click here for my latest from My state Sen. Andrew Roraback has jumped into the fray for the open 5th district congressional seat. Is Drew far enough to the right to satisfy diehard conservatives? No. But is he right enough of center to provide a sharp contrast with his likely Democratic opponent, House SpeakerRead More

Rowland’s Death Penalty Wish

Sometimes a discredited politician says something so idiotic and hypocritical that it takes your breath away. To wit, when former Gov. John Rowland called current Gov. Dannel Malloy a “pathological liar” over the summer. Now Johnny is back (he’s always back, isn’t he?). In an interview broadcast this morning on Fox 61’s The Real Story,Read More

Frank the Baker: Throwing Stones From Portland

Click here for my latest at Fresh from Portland’s famous quarries comes Frank the Baker — Connecticut’s answer to Joe the Plumber — hurling rocks at state lawmakers for making his life as a businessman miserable. Does he have a point? Sure. That said, most businessmen do have the annoying habit of complaining even whenRead More

Fox Knocking on Henhouse Door

Click here for my latest for CTNJ: Who should decide whether a teaching candidate is professionally fit to preside over a classroom in Connecticut’s public schools? The teachers themselves? I don’t think so.

Esty Death Watch III

The Courant’s Jon Lender keeps hammering away. Now we learn that executives from Northeast Utilities have given a total of $2,000 to the congressional campaign of Esty’s wife, Elizabeth. If you ever wondered how the $205,000 in consulting fees he collected from a company that falls under his agency’s regulation might benefit the DEEP commissionerRead More

The Esty Death Watch II

Update 10.05.11: Now Esty says speech-giving and consulting are two different things. Of course, they’re not identical. But the bottom line is the corporation is paying you for a service. A distinction without a meaningful difference, I’d say. * * * * * * The plot thickens. Apparently, the ethically challenged DEEP commissioner Daniel Esty neglected to discloseRead More

Cuomo-Malloy: Peas In Different Pods

Yet more evidence that Andrew Cuomo has hit the ground running and is doing a commendable job of governing what is, in some ways, an ungovernable state. Tom Dudchik’s CT Capitol Report (the closest thing we have to the Drudge Report in Connecticut) this morning carried a linked headline proclaiming “High tech to invest $4Read More

The Esty Death Watch

In case you missed it, there’s a blockbuster story by Jon Lender in this morning’s Hartford Courant (posted on yesterday) about the commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) who failed to disclose that he made hundreds of thousands in consulting fees from the parent corporation of CL&P, even asRead More