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Courts: Shut Up, High School Students!

My latest for Do public high school students have freedom-of-speech rights off-campus? Evidently, the courts don’t think so. And knuckle-headed administrators are let off the hook. Ugh …

Don’t Trust The Cops To Police Themselves

My latest for Who investigates the police when officers are suspected of wrongdoing? The police, that’s who. Am I alone, or is something wrong with this picture? Recent developments in Connecticut have served to drive home the point that it’s not fair to citizens (or, for that matter, to the police themselves) to haveRead More

Of Bloggers And Puritans

Thanks to Tom Dudchik for the Capitol Report link to the news that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is likely to sign a bill allowing for Sunday alcohol sales. That will leave only Connecticut and Indiana clinging to the Puritan-era ban on Sunday sales. According to the AP article, most of the objections in Georgia areRead More

In My ‘Sites’

My latest op-ed for Do we really need the Connecticut Siting Council — that rather haughty commission that decides what goes where in our state? I say no and I’ve got some ideas on how to replace it.

Fed Up With Nukes? Tax ‘Em To Death!

Update: Hurray. Gov. Malloy has come out against this particular tax. * * * * * * Yes, literally. A bill pending in the Connecticut General Assembly would impose a tax on generators of electricity that use coal, oil and nuclear power. Of the $340 million the tax is expected to raise, $330 million wouldRead More

Governor Tax-a-lot?

My friend Mike Flint continually refers to Gov. Dannel Malloy as Gov. Tax-a-Lot. Fair enough. The man is raising taxes on just about everyone in the state, while next door, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not. But as Malloy points out, Connecticut’s deficit is much higher as a percentage of its budget. Our fiscal problemsRead More

CT’s Media Landscape: Good Or bad?

My latest column for A little more than two years after a state senator proposed bailing out newspapers, what is the state of the news media in our state? I’d say it’s pretty good, all things considered.

Please, Please Pass This Bill!

My latest for CTNJ. This column deals with a bill before the Connecticut General Assembly that would require law enforcement to record the interrogations of suspects in most felony cases. For obvious reasons, the police object. They don’t want you to know what goes on in those rooms. I do and so should you. DisagreeRead More

You Go, Peter Reilly!

Terrific piece in today’s Hartford Courant by Jon Lender on a bill pending in the CT legislature that would require police departments to tape interrogations. Among those interviewed: Peter Reilly, who was falsely accused — and later exonerated — of murdering his mother in Falls Village in 1973. And Peter makes some great points, doesn’tRead More

HSR: The Tracks To Nowhere

My column this week for on the almost bizarre fascination so many of our elected officials have with high-speed rail.