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Please, Please Pass This Bill!

My latest for CTNJ. This column deals with a bill before the Connecticut General Assembly that would require law enforcement to record the interrogations of suspects in most felony cases. For obvious reasons, the police object. They don’t want you to know what goes on in those rooms. I do and so should you. DisagreeRead More

You Go, Peter Reilly!

Terrific piece in today’s Hartford Courant by Jon Lender on a bill pending in the CT legislature that would require police departments to tape interrogations. Among those interviewed: Peter Reilly, who was falsely accused — and later exonerated — of murdering his mother in Falls Village in 1973. And Peter makes some great points, doesn’tRead More

HSR: The Tracks To Nowhere

My column this week for on the almost bizarre fascination so many of our elected officials have with high-speed rail.

Sunday Booze Ban: Dumbest Law In The Land My latest for This column is on the possible repeal of the ban on Sunday liquor sales.

New Gig My inaugural effort as a contributing columnist for, Christine Stuart’s excellent online news source for … what else? Connecticut News. This piece focuses on the fundraising disaster afflicting UConn, where a major donor wants his $3-million gift back. Why? I guess because his feelings were hurt. I’m sure we haven’t heard the lastRead More

Heads Up – Andrew Roraback Alert

According to The Hill, State Sen. Andrew Roraback (R-30) is considering a run for the fifth district congressional seat currently occupied by Democrat Chris Murphy, who himself has announced his candidacy for Joe Lieberman’s Senate seat. When I interviewed Roraback in December on my TV show on CATV6, I asked him at the end whetherRead More

Never Mind, ‘Sicko’

Update3: Great piece on this by Courant columnist Rick Green.Update2: See, I told you so. The creator of the Enfield library Facebook group has admitted “calling all Republicans Nazis” on his own page. Fortunately, he now says he regrets it.Update: I am told that the objector, Mr. Fealy, is a member of the Enfield Republican Town Commitee.Read More

He’ll Be Stamford’s ‘Valentine’

Bobby Valentine in Japan Did I hear this right? Bobby Valentine, former manager of the Mets, Texas Rangers and the Chiba Lotte Marines, has been hired to be the new director of public health and safety in Stamford, Conn.? I’m trying to figure out if this is some sort of public relations move or whether theRead More

A Town of Wusses?

Not to steal Gov. Rendell’s line, but there’s a front-page story this morning in the Waterbury Republican-American featuring my hometown of Salisbury, Conn., where, at 55%, we had the lowest rate of response to the 2010 U.S. Census of any town in the state. The Rep-Am puts all but the first three or so paragraphsRead More

To Newly Installed Gov. Malloy …

… at a time when we’re desperate to create jobs, is this any way to send a message to businesses that they should locate in Connecticut? P.S. Since taking the oath of office, the governor had made it clear that he no longer wants to be known as Dan Malloy. Henceforth, he prefers Dannel P. Malloy.Read More