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Arrests Made In Sharon Murder

I’ve been late in commenting on this because I’ve been swamped with work. But some very good news arrived last week when we learned that State Police arrested and charged four suspects in the murder and home invasion of Luke Vitalis in Sharon last summer. As I suspected from the beginning, the murder is almostRead More

Jockeying For Position In The Marathon Bombings

Last night, it ended. The people of metropolitan Boston can relax, for the time being. I happened to be in the Boston area when the bombs went off at finish line of the marathon. I was with my son visiting colleges in the suburbs when my sister called me in a state of distress. HerRead MoreRead More

Cowgill and Lovallo On Newtown and the 2nd Amendment

Dangerous Dan Lovallo and I discuss the issues of the day Dec. 21 on WAPJ.

A Lawsuit In Newtown? Say It Ain’t So!

Update: Attorney General George Jepsen badmouths the possibility of a lawsuit, as Pinsky withdraws it — at least for time being. Update: Pinsky tells the New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass that he has received about 50 death threats. Update: A clarifying piece by attorney Ryan McKeen on the mechanics of a potential Sandy Hook lawsuit. * *Read More

Another Murder In Sharon

Update 08.24.12: Torrington Police have confirmed to the Waterbury Republican American that they have “turned over to state police information about a person of interest in the case who has a history of drug arrests.” * * * * * * Murders are a rarity in these parts. Indeed, serious crime is unusual in Connecticut’sRead MoreRead More

Stickin’ With Chris Donovan

No, the headline doesn’t echo my sentiments because I’ve been a Donovan critic all along. But the faithful in the left wing of the Democratic Party is standing by its man. Even after the recent arrest of Josh Nassi, one of Donovan’s closest aides, union bosses and liberal activists continue to insist that nothing uncoveredRead MoreRead More

The Donovan Disaster

It’s difficult to know where to begin in assessing the news that late last week the FBI arrested and charged a senior Chris Donovan congressional campaign official with trying to conceal the identity of donors. In part, that’s because the tentacles of the case are spreading almost daily. But it’s also because Donovan himself isn’tRead MoreRead More

Johnny (Rowland) Fever

Much like that fever blister I had on my lip last month, Johnny Rowland just won’t go away. The disgraced ex-governor, driven from office in 2004 and into federal prison on a corruption conviction, hungered for redemption after his release. So he mostly behaved like an exemplary ex-con, wearing an ankle-bracelet monitor and speaking toRead More

The Curious Case of the Ministerial Exception

I’m a longtime layman-observer of the Supreme Court of the United States. There’s nothing that gets the intellectual juices flowing for me like a compelling case before the high court. The latest source of fascination is last week’s unanimous decision that a teacher in a church-run school could not sue her employer for discrimination under the ADA.Read More

DeStefano’s Folly

There were so many big stories going around the state last week that it’s difficult to choose one to sound off on. But New Haven Mayor John DeStefano’s proposal to allow non-citizens (including illegals) to vote in municipal elections got a lot of attention — and justifiably so. The first time I saw the plan,Read More