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Let Capital Punishment Die

I’m saddened that it takes a death sentence to make us think about government-sponsored dying. But, as you might expect, the recent sentencing to death of the Cheshire home-invasion monster Joshua Komisarjevsky has prompted a spate of well-deserved hand-wringing over the paradox of a blue state engaging in culturally conservative behavior. I was born andRead More

State(s) of Embarrassment

Time was when I was a young man and I heard about government corruption, I would simply shake my head in disbelief and hope like hell my generation could save the world from those lying greedy bastards. Gradually, however, I came to see such chicanery as commonplace and, in the recent case of disgraced formerRead More

Rowland’s Death Penalty Wish

Sometimes a discredited politician says something so idiotic and hypocritical that it takes your breath away. To wit, when former Gov. John Rowland called current Gov. Dannel Malloy a “pathological liar” over the summer. Now Johnny is back (he’s always back, isn’t he?). In an interview broadcast this morning on Fox 61’s The Real Story,Read More

Three Strikes For California’s Prisons

As an observer of the United States Supreme Court, I watched with interest as the court’s liberal wing (along with swing vote Anthony Kennedy) recently upheld two class-action suits claiming California’s prisons are overcrowded and provide inadequate medical and psychiatric care. The high court ruled the state must reduce its prison population by a staggering 33,000Read More


My latest for What would you think if you had a state senator who said she thought a defendant in a multiple murder trial should be hanged “by his penis from a tree out in the middle of Main Street?” The answer is pretty obvious but what I’m trying to get at in thisRead More

They Have Done The Deed

Osama bin Laden is gone. Ding dong, the wicked terrorist kingpin is dead. I give President Obama credit where it’s due. Despite campaign promises to get out of the Afghanistan region with all due speed, he quickly realized how important it was to hold firm in the face of a severe threat. Now you wouldRead More

Don’t Trust The Cops To Police Themselves

My latest for Who investigates the police when officers are suspected of wrongdoing? The police, that’s who. Am I alone, or is something wrong with this picture? Recent developments in Connecticut have served to drive home the point that it’s not fair to citizens (or, for that matter, to the police themselves) to haveRead More

Please, Please Pass This Bill!

My latest for CTNJ. This column deals with a bill before the Connecticut General Assembly that would require law enforcement to record the interrogations of suspects in most felony cases. For obvious reasons, the police object. They don’t want you to know what goes on in those rooms. I do and so should you. DisagreeRead More

You Go, Peter Reilly!

Terrific piece in today’s Hartford Courant by Jon Lender on a bill pending in the CT legislature that would require police departments to tape interrogations. Among those interviewed: Peter Reilly, who was falsely accused — and later exonerated — of murdering his mother in Falls Village in 1973. And Peter makes some great points, doesn’tRead More

Targeted In The Desert

From Jeff Jarvis’ Twitter feed: Palin is not to be blamed for pulling the trigger but she is to be blamed for overheated graphic rhetoric and better fucking regret it now. No one is saying Sarah Palin and others like her are directly responsible for the madman who went on a shooting spree at anRead More