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High-Wattage Discussion

I had the unusual experience on Friday, Feb. 22, of being a guest on former Gov. John Rowland’s afternoon drive-time radio show on WTIC Newstalk 1080. I’ve done a fair amount of radio over the years, but this is the first time I’ve ever been in the studios of a large-audience 50,000-watt network-affiliated operation. I’veRead MoreRead More

Whole Foods And ‘Fascism’

I have watched with amusement the reaction to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s recent denunciation of Obamacare as fascist. Here’s the comment he made during a recent NPR interview when asked by Steve Inskeep whether Obamacare was socialist in nature: Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism. Socialism is where the government owns the means ofRead MoreRead More

Ronald Reagan: The Original Class Warrior

Got into an exchange on Facebook about this photo on a previous post. I have to laugh at the Tea Party Patriots sticker opposite the Reagan Conservative sticker. If a young Ronald Reagan burst on to the scene today, he would be denounced by the Tea Party. Don’t forget that for all of his accomplishments,Read More

Will Organized Labor Go Kaput?

If organized labor were an animal species, Congress would surely declare it threatened, if not endangered. That’s because labor took a thumping earlier this week in Wisconsin when union-hostile Gov. Scott Walker easily beat back a recall election precipitated largely by Walker’s move to take away the lion’s share of state workers’ collective bargaining rights.Read More

Suds This Sunday?

For the first time since anyone can remember, this Sunday Connecticut residents won’t have to travel out of state to pick up a bottle of booze or a six-pack of beer. The silly law that prohibited Sunday sales of alcohol on-site was repealed by the General Assembly in the recently completed session. Hallelujah! I’m inRead More

Obama And Malloy

As I observed in my latest column for CT News Junkie, Gov. Malloy is often compared to chief executives of neighboring states (e.g. New York’s Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey’s Chris Christie). But in Gov. Malloy’s insistence on action in the realm of education reform, I see some similarities with President Obama’s insistence on raisingRead More

Mitt The Heartless: A Kinsleyan Gaffe

Lunchtime thoughts: Fresh off his smashing victory in the Florida primary, Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney committed the most delicious of gaffes. To borrow a construct from Michael Kinsley, Romney told the truth. In the process, he wandered into dangerous territory. In an interview this morning with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Romney said: “I’m not concerned aboutRead More

Pop Goes The Surplus

To all who insist that raising taxes necessarily results in higher revenues, we have this. Connecticut’s surplus, announced with great fanfare only a few weeks ago, has disappeared practically overnight. $83 million has suddenly become a paltry $1.4 million — and even that is likely to vanish and vault us into the red. This afterRead More

Tone Deaf Or Ignorant?

Update: Here is Jordan’s post that includes reader responses, including yours truly’s. * * * * * I recently spotted an item on Jordan Fenster’s fine blog, CT State Politics, noting that he’d received a campaign letter from front-running Democrat Chris Donovan, the current state House Speaker vying to be the Democratic nominee for Connecticut’sRead More

Malloy’s Priorities: Education and Booze

As you can imagine, I follow Connecticut politics fairly closely, but I must admit I was caught off-guard this week when Gov. Malloy first let it slip to CTNewsJunkie that he fully supports the concept of allowing retail alcohol purchases on Sunday and that he intends to send a proposal to the legislature this year. YouRead More