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A Perfect Storm Doomed Region One

My letter to the editor in today’s Lakeville Journal: In his letter to the editor of this newspaper last week, Brian Kavanagh misrepresented remarks I made in my blog, as reported by The Litchfield County Times, regarding the Region One budget. I did not “demonize” those who opposed passage of the budget as “churlish.”Read MoreRead More

Region 1 Budget: Ask Yourself What No Accomplishes

Before you walk into your town hall today and slam our regional school budget — for the fourth time this year, no less — please do a cost-benefit analysis. What exactly is to be gained and what is the price to be paid in sticking it to the much despised Region 1 Board of EducationRead MoreRead More

Enough Already: Vote Yes On The Region One Budget Today

From Karen Dignacco, a parent from Sharon: The following are a few comments/thoughts/observations re: the Region One Budget.  They are my own opinions based on what I’ve read of the budget and the Pingpank report.  They do not represent any board or organization on which I serve or for which I volunteer.Read More

Cowgill and Lovallo On Newtown and the 2nd Amendment

Dangerous Dan Lovallo and I discuss the issues of the day Dec. 21 on WAPJ.

A Breath Of Fresh Air In Region One

For those of you who are following our local regional school district, but are frustrated by the lack of available voices in the media, you’re in luck. Former Region One chairman John Mauer has revived his blog, Stoneforge Chronicles, and has — at least for the time being — decided to focus his energies onRead MoreRead More

Region One: Start Building Relationships

Update: Here is a story on the forum by Kathryn Boughton of the LCT. * * * * * * Here is the Region One Forum that took place Friday night, Sept. 28, at Cornwall Consolidated School. I will have to find the time to watch it. Meanwhile, here is a link to the RepublicanRead MoreRead More

Region One Report: No Credit Where It’s Due

Last night, I ran across an amusing post on the hideous Region One Report, the often toxic blog on our local school district run by hot-air radio host Marshall Miles. I would have posted a comment there but Miles has banished me from the Region One Report for daring to challenge him. The prevailing memeRead More

Hardly Unique To Region One

If you listen to the Great Bloviator, you’d think extending school administrator contracts before they’re about to expire is uncommon, selfish and an “insult to the collective intelligence.”Read More

Bored, Are We?

Looks to me like public radio maven Marshall Miles is bored out of his skull, now that he can’t complain about administrative contracts at Region One and urge his followers to vote against the budget. You’d think he would move on to the topic du jour. But the recent case of HVRHS guidance counselor StephenRead MoreRead More

Budget Passes, Miles Gets Half A Loaf

The Region One budget passed last night on the second try, delivering a blow to those who believe the employment contracts of the district’s administrators are the most important matters in the Northwest Corner. By all accounts, we have increasing drug use in Region One, special education costs have soared for years and student achievementRead MoreRead More