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Mea Culpa

In a recent blog post and letter to the editor of The Lakeville Journal, I stated that the new Region 1 administrators’ contracts have “already been signed and ratified.” That statement is incorrect. By a vote of 4-2, the general terms of the new contracts were approved by the Board of Education in March onRead More

Ok, Where Do We Go From Here?

Clarification: Miles is now bellowing that the contracts have not been signed. Correct. The new contracts themselves haven’t been signed but the resolution to issue those contracts was. It was approved 4-2 and endorsed by the BOE at a March 28 special meeting on unanimous recommendation from the All Boards Committee (ABC). For those whoRead More

A Personal Take On Tenure

It occurred to me in the comment thread of a recent CT News Junkie column by my colleague Sarah Darer Littman that, while teacher tenure isn’t the root of all evil in the public school kingdom, there is one very compelling reason to get rid of it. And it ties directly into Gov. Malloy’s proposalRead More

Locking Horns Over Tenure

It is quite a sight. Lawmakers in Hartford are holding marathon hearings on Gov. Dannel Malloy’s education reform proposals. Interested parties — the education establishment, families and the governor’s people — are lining up to weigh in on perhaps the biggest battle over a public policy issue since Lowell Weicker rammed through a state incomeRead More

The Tenured Cartoonist

People talk all the time about what cushy jobs teachers have. But how about the position of editorial cartoonist? There are few jobs in the world in which the employee can insult anyone he wants with near-impunity. Yet that’s what The Hartford Courant’s Bob Englehart does on a weekly basis — or, since he’s joinedRead More

Disgrace: CT NPR Station Threatens School Board

What is more contemptible? Being a bully or pretending to play the role of victim? In the case of Marshall Miles, president of Sharon’s NPR affiliate, you can have your cake and pig out on it, too. Miles is in high dudgeon over ethical allegations lodged against him by Diane Goncalves, an assistant superintendent ofRead More

A Flak’s Bad Day On The Job

Yes, it was indeed a bad day on the job for Chris Hoffman, who until his recent outburst, was a spokesman for the New Haven public schools. Hoffman pitched a fit last week when a reporter from the New Haven Independent arrived at the Roberto Clemente Academy for “a pre-arranged reporting session,” according to theRead More

The World According to the Supers

Click here to see my latest column for Seeing what any collection of public officials would do if they faced no opposition is most revealing. And Connecticut’s school superintendents gave us a window into their thinking when they recently released a sweeping report with a series of recommendations on how to improve education inRead More

A Teachable Moment

Update 11/09/11: The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents issued a report today on improving education that includes replacing lifetime tenure for teachers with five-year contracts. The unions will never agree but it’s an interesting idea anyway. * * * * * * The conventional wisdom among those who fancy themselves supporters of education is thatRead More

Fox Knocking on Henhouse Door

Click here for my latest for CTNJ: Who should decide whether a teaching candidate is professionally fit to preside over a classroom in Connecticut’s public schools? The teachers themselves? I don’t think so.