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Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC, says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

My latest for the The Berkshire Edge: A politician, state Sen. Adam Hinds, makes an appearance at a gas pipeline construction site in the Berkshires and talks about the big picture. Thanks to Ben Hillman for the cool lead photo. Videos of the event below:

To Hell With Dasani, Ban Cats In Concord

Over the last year, I’ve become increasingly annoyed with those who want to tell me how to enjoy my water. Only a few days ago, a ban on single-use plastic water bottles took effect in Concord, Mass. At about the same time, the University of Vermont outlawed the sale of such containers on its leafyRead MoreRead More

Off With Their Heads

Politicians are all over the CT power outage story. And you’d expect them to be. After all, they know how to stoke the justified anger of their constituents. Not only are Sen. Dick Blumenthal and CT Attorney General George Jepsen threatening to investigate CL&P for its lousy response to the freakish October snowstorm damage, butRead More

CL[A]P Trap

Is it possible for a major U.S. corporation to have a worse couple of months than Northeast Utilities, parent company of — I can’t even say the words — Connecticut Light & Power? First they get hit by Hurricane Irene at the end of August, causing enormous damage to the grid, prolonged power outages and intenseRead More

The Esty Death Watch

In case you missed it, there’s a blockbuster story by Jon Lender in this morning’s Hartford Courant (posted on yesterday) about the commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) who failed to disclose that he made hundreds of thousands in consulting fees from the parent corporation of CL&P, even asRead More

Energy: Love It and Hate It

Click here for my latest for Ever wonder why we can’t solve our energy problems in this country? Look no further than ourselves. We love energy consumption but hate inconveniences such as … oh, power lines, for example. It’s a refresher course that plays out every 20 years or so. In the wake ofRead More

NYS Greenies Want To Ban Everything?

The Green Party of New York questions the enviro creds of newly elected Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Fair enough. Maybe he could be doing more. Who knows? But get this: On Earth Day, the Green Party of New York called upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ban hydrofracking for natural gas, shut down nuclear power plants andRead More

Fed Up With Nukes? Tax ‘Em To Death!

Update: Hurray. Gov. Malloy has come out against this particular tax. * * * * * * Yes, literally. A bill pending in the Connecticut General Assembly would impose a tax on generators of electricity that use coal, oil and nuclear power. Of the $340 million the tax is expected to raise, $330 million wouldRead More

The Vexing Search For Alternatives

Continuing the discussion from the earlier thread on the Japanese nuclear disaster, I offer an example of how hard it is to find alternatives to atomic power if we abandon it. Hydro Quebec, the government-owned utility behemoth to our north that supplied my electricity when I was in college, has proposed to use existing rights-of-way,Read More

No Nukes, Again

With only a few days separating us from the nuclear disaster in Japan, is now a good time to start a discussion about whether we should expand the role of nuclear power in our energy plans? I don’t think so. Why? Because the tendency will be to react more on emotion than reason. That’s justRead More