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Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC, says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

My latest for the The Berkshire Edge: A politician, state Sen. Adam Hinds, makes an appearance at a gas pipeline construction site in the Berkshires and talks about the big picture. Thanks to Ben Hillman for the cool lead photo. Videos of the event below:

To Hell With Dasani, Ban Cats In Concord

Over the last year, I’ve become increasingly annoyed with those who want to tell me how to enjoy my water. Only a few days ago, a ban on single-use plastic water bottles took effect in Concord, Mass. At about the same time, the University of Vermont outlawed the sale of such containers on its leafyRead MoreRead More

Tilting At Snow … And Windmills If this ghastly snow keeps piling up, maybe we’ll look like this place on the Tug Hill Plateau. Located between the Adirondacks and Lake Ontario, Tug Hill averages more than 200 inches of snow annually. Some of the older camps there actually have second-floor entrances for use in the winter At an elevation ofRead More

Global Warming Causes A Chill

This NYT piece from yesterday is a classic. The winter is cold and we’re seeing record snows because of … global warming. Not being a scientist, I can’t speak to the science. But the man-caused GW crowd has certainly set the table nicely on this phenomenon. If it’s abnormally hot, they say this is evidenceRead More

Turner Strikes Again

Ted Turner is at it again. In order to get a handle on anthropogenic global warming through population control, he wants the world to adopt a one-child policy, similar to the one they have in China. And get this: among other things, he proposes a sort of cap-and-trade system for reproductive freedom: Mr. Turner –Read More

Global Warmists Should Go Vegan

A Facebook post by my friend (and former student) Melinda Chase got me to thinking. Not about the poison she says we’re putting into our bodies — bad as that might be — but about the perils of animal agriculture in general. Not only are we ingesting undesirable and perhaps toxic substances — e.g. antibioticsRead More

Oohoo, That Smell?

No, not the great Lynyrd Skynyrd song. But the foul odor emanating a hundred or so miles to our east. I hate to say I told you so, but I’ve been pontificating about this for years. Cape Cod, where I have family, could be facing an ecological disaster. How could that be? The situation isRead More