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Jockeying For Position In The Marathon Bombings

Last night, it ended. The people of metropolitan Boston can relax, for the time being. I happened to be in the Boston area when the bombs went off at finish line of the marathon. I was with my son visiting colleges in the suburbs when my sister called me in a state of distress. HerRead MoreRead More

Brit PM: Multiculturalism A Failure

Update Feb. 9: Terrific column on this very topic in the WSJ today by Douglas Murray. * * * * * Anti-multiculturalists everywhere must be cheering British Prime Minister David Cameron, who issued a scathing indictment of the practice in a speech today in Munich. It’s probably difficult for we Americans to relate to the problemsRead More

Muslim, Schmuslim!

Is President Obama a Muslim? Nearly one in five Americans — including my own mother — thinks he is, despite any compelling reason to believe so. All available evidence indicates the president is a Christian. How do we know this? He says he is. His press spokesman says he is. And he went to theRead More