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State(s) of Embarrassment

Time was when I was a young man and I heard about government corruption, I would simply shake my head in disbelief and hope like hell my generation could save the world from those lying greedy bastards. Gradually, however, I came to see such chicanery as commonplace and, in the recent case of disgraced formerRead More

Going Postal

Inspired by the lengthy list of angry postal workers who shot at the boss, the headlined phrase above is an expression denoting an act of vengeful violence against an oppressor in the workplace. But in a few years, “Going Postal” could take on quite another meaning: going totally bankrupt; begging for a bailout; grasping atRead More

The World According to the Supers

Click here to see my latest column for Seeing what any collection of public officials would do if they faced no opposition is most revealing. And Connecticut’s school superintendents gave us a window into their thinking when they recently released a sweeping report with a series of recommendations on how to improve education inRead More

A Teachable Moment

Update 11/09/11: The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents issued a report today on improving education that includes replacing lifetime tenure for teachers with five-year contracts. The unions will never agree but it’s an interesting idea anyway. * * * * * * The conventional wisdom among those who fancy themselves supporters of education is thatRead More

Fox Knocking on Henhouse Door

Click here for my latest for CTNJ: Who should decide whether a teaching candidate is professionally fit to preside over a classroom in Connecticut’s public schools? The teachers themselves? I don’t think so.

Whither Labor?

Click here for my latest for “Whither Labor? Withering on the Vine?” What kind of future does organized labor have in this country and in Connecticut specifically? I don’t think it’s particularly bright and the unions themselves are partly to blame. Too often there is a failure on the part of public sector workersRead More

Jobs, Jobs, But Only If They’re Union

Great column today in the NYT by Joe Nocera. I sometimes disagree with Nocera, as when he famously called Tea Partiers who objected to raising the debt ceiling “terrorists” (yet later apologized for it). But I loved his piece two years ago on the utter absurdity that is the U.S. Postal Service. Now he has drawnRead More

Politicians and Their Bedmates

Click here for my latest at I can’t help but be amused at the state of affairs in my state. Ex-governor and convicted felon John Rowland, a Republican, has called current Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy a “pathological liar.” Meanwhile, Malloy is laying off thousands of workers, which torks off labor unions and lefties everywhere: I’dRead More

Laboring To Defend The Indefensible

In my days a commentator, I’ve written a lot about overreaching government. But right now I’m hard pressed to think of any recent example of government tyranny that exceeds what the National Labor Relations Board is doing to Boeing. The NLRB has filed a complaint against Boeing alleging the company has engaged in illegal retaliationRead More

‘Posing’ A Question Should a journalist ever misrepresent his/her identity in order to get a story? Ever since the ABC News/Food Lion fiasco, the answer has been obvious to me. Of course not. It’s unethical. But what if you’re a political satirist and activist trying to prove that the person you’re calling is a bad guy? IsRead More