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Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC, says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

My latest for the The Berkshire Edge: A politician, state Sen. Adam Hinds, makes an appearance at a gas pipeline construction site in the Berkshires and talks about the big picture. Thanks to Ben Hillman for the cool lead photo. Videos of the event below:

CPB: WHDD’s Marshall Miles Ethically Challenged

Update: Miles is lashing out at both me and the CPB ombudsman. He is clearly worried. * * * * * * * One of our local radio stations, which brands itself as “the smallest NPR station in the nation,” has been slammed for poor ethics after its head decided to run for a regionalRead MoreRead More

Arrests Made In Sharon Murder

I’ve been late in commenting on this because I’ve been swamped with work. But some very good news arrived last week when we learned that State Police arrested and charged four suspects in the murder and home invasion of Luke Vitalis in Sharon last summer. As I suspected from the beginning, the murder is almostRead More

To Hell With Dasani, Ban Cats In Concord

Over the last year, I’ve become increasingly annoyed with those who want to tell me how to enjoy my water. Only a few days ago, a ban on single-use plastic water bottles took effect in Concord, Mass. At about the same time, the University of Vermont outlawed the sale of such containers on its leafyRead MoreRead More

Cowgill and Lovallo On Newtown and the 2nd Amendment

Dangerous Dan Lovallo and I discuss the issues of the day Dec. 21 on WAPJ.

A Lawsuit In Newtown? Say It Ain’t So!

Update: Attorney General George Jepsen badmouths the possibility of a lawsuit, as Pinsky withdraws it — at least for time being. Update: Pinsky tells the New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass that he has received about 50 death threats. Update: A clarifying piece by attorney Ryan McKeen on the mechanics of a potential Sandy Hook lawsuit. * *Read More

Miles Lost The Battle After All

Remember this controversy about the CATV6 video that Marshall Miles demanded be taken down from Mike Flint’s blog, Curious Citizen. Well, unless Miles wants to take Flint to federal court, it looks like what Mike did (download a CATV6 video of a municipal meeting, pare it down to a few seconds, repost to his ownRead More

CATV6 Pig Fest

Update: No, now it looks like he has belatedly blocked them. Got to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on Miles. * * * * * * Oh, Marshall Miles has stopped blocking some of the embeds. I guess it wasn’t a copyright violation after all? Or maybe he hasRead More

No One Could Be This Stupid

Update 2: Now Miles has disabled embedding for the video in question. Smart move. Only took him a few days to figure it out. I have embedded another CATV6 video below the old one just to see if it works. It does. Update: I’ve heard rumblings in town that First Selectmen Curtis Rand’s comments about theRead More

Another Murder In Sharon

Update 08.24.12: Torrington Police have confirmed to the Waterbury Republican American that they have “turned over to state police information about a person of interest in the case who has a history of drug arrests.” * * * * * * Murders are a rarity in these parts. Indeed, serious crime is unusual in Connecticut’sRead MoreRead More