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Malloy’s Priorities: Education and Booze

As you can imagine, I follow Connecticut politics fairly closely, but I must admit I was caught off-guard this week when Gov. Malloy first let it slip to CTNewsJunkie that he fully supports the concept of allowing retail alcohol purchases on Sunday and that he intends to send a proposal to the legislature this year. YouRead More

‘Miles’ To Go And Promises To Keep

As if we didn’t need more excitement in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner, Tuesday morning came word that an administrator in our local school district has filed a complaint with the FCC against Sharon’s WHDD, the self-proclaimed smallest NPR affiliate in the nation. There’s an interesting story to that effect in yesterday’s Waterbury Republican by my friendRead More

The Media Powers That Be

Update: CTNewsJunkie’s Hugh McQuaid has an update on the story here. * * * * * * * * More ammunition for those of you who think the media already wield too much power in our electoral process. Brian Lockhart, who blogs very well for Hearst’s newspaper cluster in Fairfield County, reports something that IRead More

Beware: County Government In CT?

From the grumbling I’m hearing in Fairfield County, you’d think a proposal to form a regional council of governments was a back-door attempt to re-establish county government in Connecticut. Ever since the General Assembly abolished county government in 1960, Connecticut has essentially left its 169 municipalities on their own. Of course, towns and cities haveRead More

Let Capital Punishment Die

I’m saddened that it takes a death sentence to make us think about government-sponsored dying. But, as you might expect, the recent sentencing to death of the Cheshire home-invasion monster Joshua Komisarjevsky has prompted a spate of well-deserved hand-wringing over the paradox of a blue state engaging in culturally conservative behavior. I was born andRead More

Esty Death Watch III

The Courant’s Jon Lender keeps hammering away. Now we learn that executives from Northeast Utilities have given a total of $2,000 to the congressional campaign of Esty’s wife, Elizabeth. If you ever wondered how the $205,000 in consulting fees he collected from a company that falls under his agency’s regulation might benefit the DEEP commissionerRead More

Jobs, Jobs, But Only If They’re Union

Great column today in the NYT by Joe Nocera. I sometimes disagree with Nocera, as when he famously called Tea Partiers who objected to raising the debt ceiling “terrorists” (yet later apologized for it). But I loved his piece two years ago on the utter absurdity that is the U.S. Postal Service. Now he has drawnRead More

The Enemies of Openness

Click here for my latest at Connecticut has great freedom of information laws. But some people don’t like that. What on earth are they afraid of?

Laboring To Defend The Indefensible

In my days a commentator, I’ve written a lot about overreaching government. But right now I’m hard pressed to think of any recent example of government tyranny that exceeds what the National Labor Relations Board is doing to Boeing. The NLRB has filed a complaint against Boeing alleging the company has engaged in illegal retaliationRead More

They Have Done The Deed

Osama bin Laden is gone. Ding dong, the wicked terrorist kingpin is dead. I give President Obama credit where it’s due. Despite campaign promises to get out of the Afghanistan region with all due speed, he quickly realized how important it was to hold firm in the face of a severe threat. Now you wouldRead More