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Merry Christmas 2013


Salisbury Shows Its Mettle In Region One Battle

Once again, my town has shown admirable common sense in the face of a media onslaught urging us to do otherwise. Longtime Salisbury Board of Education member Jennifer Weigel soundly defeated radio host Marshall Miles to win a seat on the Region One Board of Education as the town’s representative. Her 682-442 margin of victoryRead More

CPB: WHDD’s Marshall Miles Ethically Challenged

Update: Miles is lashing out at both me and the CPB ombudsman. He is clearly worried. * * * * * * * One of our local radio stations, which brands itself as “the smallest NPR station in the nation,” has been slammed for poor ethics after its head decided to run for a regionalRead MoreRead More

Arrests Made In Sharon Murder

I’ve been late in commenting on this because I’ve been swamped with work. But some very good news arrived last week when we learned that State Police arrested and charged four suspects in the murder and home invasion of Luke Vitalis in Sharon last summer. As I suspected from the beginning, the murder is almostRead More

Region One: Doomed To Repeat History?

Update: Below in the comment thread is the full text of Ruth’s piece. Please forgive the line breaks. * * * * * * * * There is a fascinating article (paywall) in this morning’s Republican American by Ruth Epstein on the last time Regional School District Number One endured multiple budget defeats. At that time,Read MoreRead More

Region One Math Lessons

A quick note of amusement: My wife, who is slightly better at math than I am, pointed out an obvious flaw in Marshall Miles’ dimwitted assertion that the repeated rejections of the Region One budget have saved the district money, even factoring in the cost of all those districtwide referenda. In an embarrassingly inept postRead More

Region One Budget Fails For 5th Time

My reaction to Region One’s fifth budget defeat in a row can be summed up in one tweet: Region 1 budget fails for the 5th time. Boring! Keep holding these votes at town halls. At $8k a pop, they’re fun monthly social gatherings. — Terry Cowgill (@terrycowgill) August 21, 2013 I am officially no longerRead More

Harnett’s Reasons For Leaving HVRHS

Lest anyone doubt that Housatonic Valley Regional High School Principal Matt Harnett’s recent resignation had anything to do with the political climate in Region One, read excerpts of his resignation letter to Board Chairman Jonathan Moore, as reported (paywall) by the Republican American: “Over the past several months a series of events have caused me toRead More

Harnett’s Exit Accelerates Region One Decline

Even before the latest news broke this week, it was hard to imagine the situation at our local school district, Region One, could get any worse. But with the sudden departure this week of Housatonic Principal Matt Harnett to head a Bristol middle school, the Region One fiasco has accelerated to absurd new heights. ItRead MoreRead More

A Perfect Storm Doomed Region One

My letter to the editor in today’s Lakeville Journal: In his letter to the editor of this newspaper last week, Brian Kavanagh misrepresented remarks I made in my blog, as reported by The Litchfield County Times, regarding the Region One budget. I did not “demonize” those who opposed passage of the budget as “churlish.”Read MoreRead More