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A Breath Of Fresh Air In Region One

For those of you who are following our local regional school district, but are frustrated by the lack of available voices in the media, you’re in luck. Former Region One chairman John Mauer has revived his blog, Stoneforge Chronicles, and has — at least for the time being — decided to focus his energies onRead MoreRead More

Miles Lost The Battle After All

Remember this controversy about the CATV6 video that Marshall Miles demanded be taken down from Mike Flint’s blog, Curious Citizen. Well, unless Miles wants to take Flint to federal court, it looks like what Mike did (download a CATV6 video of a municipal meeting, pare it down to a few seconds, repost to his ownRead More

Region One: Start Building Relationships

Update: Here is a story on the forum by Kathryn Boughton of the LCT. * * * * * * Here is the Region One Forum that took place Friday night, Sept. 28, at Cornwall Consolidated School. I will have to find the time to watch it. Meanwhile, here is a link to the RepublicanRead MoreRead More

CATV6 Pig Fest

Update: No, now it looks like he has belatedly blocked them. Got to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on Miles. * * * * * * Oh, Marshall Miles has stopped blocking some of the embeds. I guess it wasn’t a copyright violation after all? Or maybe he hasRead More

No One Could Be This Stupid

Update 2: Now Miles has disabled embedding for the video in question. Smart move. Only took him a few days to figure it out. I have embedded another CATV6 video below the old one just to see if it works. It does. Update: I’ve heard rumblings in town that First Selectmen Curtis Rand’s comments about theRead More

Region One Report: No Credit Where It’s Due

Last night, I ran across an amusing post on the hideous Region One Report, the often toxic blog on our local school district run by hot-air radio host Marshall Miles. I would have posted a comment there but Miles has banished me from the Region One Report for daring to challenge him. The prevailing memeRead More

Yes, Even Here!

I’m keeping my word. I have a habit of posting photos of vehicles that have political bumper stickers plastered all over them. But alas, all of them in my neck of the woods seems to be lefties. This is the first right-wing specimen I have seen in ages here in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner. This one wasRead More

Another Murder In Sharon

Update 08.24.12: Torrington Police have confirmed to the Waterbury Republican American that they have “turned over to state police information about a person of interest in the case who has a history of drug arrests.” * * * * * * Murders are a rarity in these parts. Indeed, serious crime is unusual in Connecticut’sRead MoreRead More

CT05 Snoozer Perks Up At The End

The 75 or so campaign staffers and media types who crowded into the Oliver Wolcott Library community room could be forgiven for falling asleep for the first 45 minutes of the hour-long debate late Saturday morning. After all, the League of Women Voters has a habit of imposing strict ground rules that inhibit interaction betweenRead MoreRead More

Bored, Are We?

Looks to me like public radio maven Marshall Miles is bored out of his skull, now that he can’t complain about administrative contracts at Region One and urge his followers to vote against the budget. You’d think he would move on to the topic du jour. But the recent case of HVRHS guidance counselor StephenRead MoreRead More