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Is Obama Really Leading?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that political polls are open to interpretation and, therefore, sometimes unreliable. Presidential campaign polls can be particularly misleading because, unless one candidate leads the other by an overwhelming margin, a national popular vote poll tells us very little. No, the real meat on the bonesRead MoreRead More

Obama And Malloy

As I observed in my latest column for CT News Junkie, Gov. Malloy is often compared to chief executives of neighboring states (e.g. New York’s Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey’s Chris Christie). But in Gov. Malloy’s insistence on action in the realm of education reform, I see some similarities with President Obama’s insistence on raisingRead More

Obama: I’m Not Playing The Game

I hadn’t noticed until yesterday, but about a week ago yet another piece appeared in a national publication that confirmed what I’ve always suspected about President Obama: The man is either unable or unwilling to build the kinds of personal relationships necessary for good governance. As I pointed out on this blog just before theRead More

Tone Deaf Or Ignorant?

Update: Here is Jordan’s post that includes reader responses, including yours truly’s. * * * * * I recently spotted an item on Jordan Fenster’s fine blog, CT State Politics, noting that he’d received a campaign letter from front-running Democrat Chris Donovan, the current state House Speaker vying to be the Democratic nominee for Connecticut’sRead More

Eschewing The Schmooze

Taking a break from the holiday obsession of the political junkie class (the Iowa caucuses), I noticed yesterday a piece in the New York Times that confirms what I’ve heard from other sources about President Obama: The man simply doesn’t like to engage in the sort of schmoozing and ego-stroking so essential to success inRead More

Jobs, Jobs, But Only If They’re Union

Great column today in the NYT by Joe Nocera. I sometimes disagree with Nocera, as when he famously called Tea Partiers who objected to raising the debt ceiling “terrorists” (yet later apologized for it). But I loved his piece two years ago on the utter absurdity that is the U.S. Postal Service. Now he has drawnRead More

‘An Unhappy Birthday’

My favorite economics writer, Robert Samuelson, has written a terrific but depressing column on the occasion of this nation’s 235th birthday. And it feeds right into the prevailing narrative of this blog. Republicans and Democrats are not getting the job done. As Samuelson sees it, Democrats are “reactionaries” in refusing to face up to theRead More

Cain and the Not So Stable

No, West isn’t at a Nazievent — he’s visiting a Holocaustmuseum in Jerusalem. I’ve been hearing a lot of noise lately from Tea Party types who are bored with the dreary Republican presidential field for 2012 and are looking for a fresh face who just might stand a chance against The Great One. Two names come upRead More

They Have Done The Deed

Osama bin Laden is gone. Ding dong, the wicked terrorist kingpin is dead. I give President Obama credit where it’s due. Despite campaign promises to get out of the Afghanistan region with all due speed, he quickly realized how important it was to hold firm in the face of a severe threat. Now you wouldRead More

Sometimes I Wonder About This Guy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy You have got to be kidding me. Bill Maher thinks Bill O’Reilly in his interview with President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday was “unpatriotic.” And why would this be? Because the overbearing O’Reilly asked Obama some tough questions and interrupted him a fewRead More