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State of the Union Distress

So, thumbs-up or down on the president’s SOTU address? As these things go, I actually thought it was OK. If we use George Will’s gauge (“Every president, regardless of party, tries to stroke every erogenous zone in the electorate”), then I think was a success. And I liked the symbolism of having members of the twoRead More

Come On, Admit It …

Even the very conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page liked Obama’s speech last night in Tuscon, adding that “he spoke to the better angels of our democracy.” So, too, did conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer. Why do some on the right find it so hard to concede that it was a very good moment for theRead More

As If His Tax Deal Wasn’t Enough …

More phony hope and change. Orszag joins Citibank, a big beneficiary of help from the feds. Maybe they’ll return the favor by paying him enough to get a better hairpiece.

Hero Worship Gone Awry

What else could go wrong for Barack Obama? His poll numbers remain below 50%, he lost control of the House of Representatives and there is a movement afoot to repeal his signature achievement, Obamacare. Now over Thanksgiving weekend we learn that he took an elbow to the mouth in a pick-up basketball game, prompting WhiteRead More

Four Years And Out?

Two longtime political strategists have penned an op-ed this morning in the Washington Post calling on President Obama to declare that he will not seek re-election. Such pontificating could be easily dismissed if it were written by Republican operatives — say, Karl Rove and Haley Barbour. But this piece was put out by two Democrats,Read More

A House Divided

Divided government works. Or at least in the U.S. it works better than having one party in charge. I think that will be the message voters will have sent come Wednesday morning. We live in a peculiar form of democracy known as a constitutional republic. In most other western democracies, they practice a parliamentary form ofRead More

Come On, Gary!

Trying to really get inside the minds of comedians and satirists is difficult, if not impossible. Sort of like cracking a tough-shelled egg without breaking the yolk. Interviewing one rarely amounts to anything more than a “why-are-you-so-funny?” bull session. Of course, P.J. O’Rourke is a notable exception … Still, I found myself strangely drawn toRead More

Clueless In D.C.?

It’s looking more and more like the Obama camp is under siege. It seems that every day the administration trots out some mystifying argument against the opposition. Or yet another erstwhile sympathetic pundit writes a column comparing the president to everybody’s favorite whipping boy, Jimmy Carter. Or Obama’s handlers revive the terrifying specter of GeorgeRead More

Muslim, Schmuslim!

Is President Obama a Muslim? Nearly one in five Americans — including my own mother — thinks he is, despite any compelling reason to believe so. All available evidence indicates the president is a Christian. How do we know this? He says he is. His press spokesman says he is. And he went to theRead More