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Love’s Labour’s Lost

“Kill the bill!” Update: All the Dems in the Wisconsin legislature are hiding out in Rockford, Illinois, to prevent a vote on the legislation. Shades of Texas circa 2003 … * * * * * It’s either a great time for taxpayers or a sad day for American labor, depending on your point of view. AngryRead More

A Mecca For Moonbats!

In the last several months, the Berkeley City Council has considered resolutions welcoming Gitmo detainees and declaring suspected traitor PFC Bradley Manning a hero. The latter passed (sort of) and the former failed. Doesn’t Berkeley have any local problems to worry about? More shocking is that Birkenstock City actually has an appointed 15-member Peace and Justice CommissionRead More

Heads Up – Andrew Roraback Alert

According to The Hill, State Sen. Andrew Roraback (R-30) is considering a run for the fifth district congressional seat currently occupied by Democrat Chris Murphy, who himself has announced his candidacy for Joe Lieberman’s Senate seat. When I interviewed Roraback in December on my TV show on CATV6, I asked him at the end whetherRead More

State of the Union Distress

So, thumbs-up or down on the president’s SOTU address? As these things go, I actually thought it was OK. If we use George Will’s gauge (“Every president, regardless of party, tries to stroke every erogenous zone in the electorate”), then I think was a success. And I liked the symbolism of having members of the twoRead More

Targeted In The Desert

From Jeff Jarvis’ Twitter feed: Palin is not to be blamed for pulling the trigger but she is to be blamed for overheated graphic rhetoric and better fucking regret it now. No one is saying Sarah Palin and others like her are directly responsible for the madman who went on a shooting spree at anRead More

To Newly Installed Gov. Malloy …

… at a time when we’re desperate to create jobs, is this any way to send a message to businesses that they should locate in Connecticut? P.S. Since taking the oath of office, the governor had made it clear that he no longer wants to be known as Dan Malloy. Henceforth, he prefers Dannel P. Malloy.Read More

What The Census Tells Us

New data from the 2010 U.S. census are out. And once again, a familiar pattern asserts itself, just as it has for the last 20-30 years. Since 2000, we’ve had the lowest birth rate since the Great Depression. Most of our population growth, which in the last decade saw an increase of 9.7%, comes fromRead More

As If His Tax Deal Wasn’t Enough …

More phony hope and change. Orszag joins Citibank, a big beneficiary of help from the feds. Maybe they’ll return the favor by paying him enough to get a better hairpiece.


This is classic Washington. Today, President Obama wisely — and bravely, considering the favors he owes public-sector unions — proposed a two-year federal employee pay freeze. Strangely, military personnel are exempted. How will we ever get spending under control if there are sacred cows? First time in a while that I’ve agreed with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer,Read More

Goring An Ox

The president’s commission on reducing the national debt has issued some preliminary draft findings (PDF) on how to restore fiscal sanity to this once-great nation. Within minutes after The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform had released its thoughts, interest groups from here to Kingdom Come lined up in opposition. Indeed, co-Chairman Erskine Bowles joked thatRead More