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Watch What He Does, Not What He Says

I was trying to find a diversion from the dramatic news in Egypt when I noticed this piece in today’s Washington Times on one of the biggest phonies on the planet. Reading about what a hypocrite Michael Moore is begs the question: should I be allowed to have this much fun? It’s curious. I have friends onRead More

A Different Kind of Empire

I don’t keep up with popular culture to the extent that I should, so I only found out about this great series from my friend Chris. Just saw episode 8 of the new HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. I’ve got a column to write today, so I’ll have to keep this sort of brief. There areRead More

Come On, Gary!

Trying to really get inside the minds of comedians and satirists is difficult, if not impossible. Sort of like cracking a tough-shelled egg without breaking the yolk. Interviewing one rarely amounts to anything more than a “why-are-you-so-funny?” bull session. Of course, P.J. O’Rourke is a notable exception … Still, I found myself strangely drawn toRead More