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Tone Deaf Or Ignorant?

Update: Here is Jordan’s post that includes reader responses, including yours truly’s. * * * * * I recently spotted an item on Jordan Fenster’s fine blog, CT State Politics, noting that he’d received a campaign letter from front-running Democrat Chris Donovan, the current state House Speaker vying to be the Democratic nominee for Connecticut’sRead More

Beware: County Government In CT?

From the grumbling I’m hearing in Fairfield County, you’d think a proposal to form a regional council of governments was a back-door attempt to re-establish county government in Connecticut. Ever since the General Assembly abolished county government in 1960, Connecticut has essentially left its 169 municipalities on their own. Of course, towns and cities haveRead More

A Flak’s Bad Day On The Job

Yes, it was indeed a bad day on the job for Chris Hoffman, who until his recent outburst, was a spokesman for the New Haven public schools. Hoffman pitched a fit last week when a reporter from the New Haven Independent arrived at the Roberto Clemente Academy for “a pre-arranged reporting session,” according to theRead More

Off With Their Heads

Politicians are all over the CT power outage story. And you’d expect them to be. After all, they know how to stoke the justified anger of their constituents. Not only are Sen. Dick Blumenthal and CT Attorney General George Jepsen threatening to investigate CL&P for its lousy response to the freakish October snowstorm damage, butRead More

CL[A]P Trap

Is it possible for a major U.S. corporation to have a worse couple of months than Northeast Utilities, parent company of — I can’t even say the words — Connecticut Light & Power? First they get hit by Hurricane Irene at the end of August, causing enormous damage to the grid, prolonged power outages and intenseRead More

The Esty Death Watch II

Update 10.05.11: Now Esty says speech-giving and consulting are two different things. Of course, they’re not identical. But the bottom line is the corporation is paying you for a service. A distinction without a meaningful difference, I’d say. * * * * * * The plot thickens. Apparently, the ethically challenged DEEP commissioner Daniel Esty neglected to discloseRead More

The Esty Death Watch

In case you missed it, there’s a blockbuster story by Jon Lender in this morning’s Hartford Courant (posted on yesterday) about the commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) who failed to disclose that he made hundreds of thousands in consulting fees from the parent corporation of CL&P, even asRead More

Energy: Love It and Hate It

Click here for my latest for Ever wonder why we can’t solve our energy problems in this country? Look no further than ourselves. We love energy consumption but hate inconveniences such as … oh, power lines, for example. It’s a refresher course that plays out every 20 years or so. In the wake ofRead More

Through No Default Of Our Own

After watching the spectacle of the last few weeks of a handful of radicals pummeling a weakling president over raising the federal debt ceiling to avoid a possible default, like most Americans, I shook my head in disbelief. Then I began to wonder what I would suggest to solve the problem. As I’ve written before,Read More

JFK The Worst President Ever?

A short but very interesting read from Thomas Ricks on JFK’s legacy. I, too, have always felt Kennedy was way overrated as a leader. But I was also convinced his presidency was very difficult to judge since he only held the office for two years and ten months. Before you dismiss Ricks as a partisanRead More