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Three Strikes For California’s Prisons

As an observer of the United States Supreme Court, I watched with interest as the court’s liberal wing (along with swing vote Anthony Kennedy) recently upheld two class-action suits claiming California’s prisons are overcrowded and provide inadequate medical and psychiatric care. The high court ruled the state must reduce its prison population by a staggering 33,000Read More

In My ‘Sites’

My latest op-ed for Do we really need the Connecticut Siting Council — that rather haughty commission that decides what goes where in our state? I say no and I’ve got some ideas on how to replace it.

Fed Up With Nukes? Tax ‘Em To Death!

Update: Hurray. Gov. Malloy has come out against this particular tax. * * * * * * Yes, literally. A bill pending in the Connecticut General Assembly would impose a tax on generators of electricity that use coal, oil and nuclear power. Of the $340 million the tax is expected to raise, $330 million wouldRead More

HSR: The Tracks To Nowhere

My column this week for on the almost bizarre fascination so many of our elected officials have with high-speed rail.

A Mecca For Moonbats!

In the last several months, the Berkeley City Council has considered resolutions welcoming Gitmo detainees and declaring suspected traitor PFC Bradley Manning a hero. The latter passed (sort of) and the former failed. Doesn’t Berkeley have any local problems to worry about? More shocking is that Birkenstock City actually has an appointed 15-member Peace and Justice CommissionRead More

Sunday Booze Ban: Dumbest Law In The Land My latest for This column is on the possible repeal of the ban on Sunday liquor sales.

Brit PM: Multiculturalism A Failure

Update Feb. 9: Terrific column on this very topic in the WSJ today by Douglas Murray. * * * * * Anti-multiculturalists everywhere must be cheering British Prime Minister David Cameron, who issued a scathing indictment of the practice in a speech today in Munich. It’s probably difficult for we Americans to relate to the problemsRead More

Never Mind, ‘Sicko’

Update3: Great piece on this by Courant columnist Rick Green.Update2: See, I told you so. The creator of the Enfield library Facebook group has admitted “calling all Republicans Nazis” on his own page. Fortunately, he now says he regrets it.Update: I am told that the objector, Mr. Fealy, is a member of the Enfield Republican Town Commitee.Read More

Have a Very Columbia Christmas!

Lee Bollinger This story makes me sick to my stomach. Really. I nearly lost my Cuban sandwich while reading about this over lunch today. First we had the case of Kelo vs. New London  — an egregious abuse of the concept of eminent domain in which the Supreme Court of the United States said it wasRead More

Turner Strikes Again

Ted Turner is at it again. In order to get a handle on anthropogenic global warming through population control, he wants the world to adopt a one-child policy, similar to the one they have in China. And get this: among other things, he proposes a sort of cap-and-trade system for reproductive freedom: Mr. Turner –Read More