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Aim At The Real Culprit

Great article in Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller today. By now, you’ve probably heard that the federal government is considering introducing technology into new cars that would disable cell phones when used in a running automobile? Now, while the increase in road deaths caused by mindless cell phone drivers is indeed troubling, what do you thinkRead More

On The Foolishness of Hate Crime Laws

Thank you, Richard Cohen, for this eloquent piece on the sheer lunacy of hate crime laws. Why must we criminalize the thoughts of people who commit physical crimes? It serves no purpose other than to offer more protection to one class of people than another. Sometimes the absurdity of hate crimes laws is revealed. RememberRead More

Stamps and Soda Pop

Should food stamp recipients be allowed to purchase sugary drinks and soda pop with their stamps? NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg think a ban would be wise. And so do the city and state health commissioners. Others think a ban would single out the less fortunate, making them feel put upon and well … different. ConsiderRead More