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More Pingpankery

You know a school district has a problem when an outside party conducts a fair review that reveals deep divisions in the high school and then the community at-large is equally divided over the report itself. After reading Ruth Epstein’s article this morning on last night’s citizen meeting in Falls Village, I was struck byRead More

The Pingpank Report

I have in my hot little hands the report (PDF – Straight Talk) that The Region 1 Board of Education commissioned attorney Jeffrey Pingpank to conduct regarding the sudden departure of the two top administrators at Housatonic Valley High School just before the start of school in September. And I’ve listened to Friday’s special board meetingRead More

Region 1 Probing For Truth?

I attended yesterday’s Region One Board of Education meeting because, thankfully, it was scheduled at a time when I could get there. Those in attendance implored the Board of Education to dig deep in its investigation into why the two top administrators at Housatonic Valley Regional High School resigned within a week of each otherRead More