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The Curious Case of the Ministerial Exception

I’m a longtime layman-observer of the Supreme Court of the United States. There’s nothing that gets the intellectual juices flowing for me like a compelling case before the high court. The latest source of fascination is last week’s unanimous decision that a teacher in a church-run school could not sue her employer for discrimination under the ADA.Read More

Three Strikes For California’s Prisons

As an observer of the United States Supreme Court, I watched with interest as the court’s liberal wing (along with swing vote Anthony Kennedy) recently upheld two class-action suits claiming California’s prisons are overcrowded and provide inadequate medical and psychiatric care. The high court ruled the state must reduce its prison population by a staggering 33,000Read More

Have a Very Columbia Christmas!

Lee Bollinger This story makes me sick to my stomach. Really. I nearly lost my Cuban sandwich while reading about this over lunch today. First we had the case of Kelo vs. New London  — an egregious abuse of the concept of eminent domain in which the Supreme Court of the United States said it wasRead More